Saturday, January 24, 2009

sometimes i wonder

i spent the better part of this weekend just watching Scrubs.
i really love this show... and i can relate to Dr. Cox most of all... then i took a test and surprise surprise:

Your result for The Which scrubs character are you Test...

Dr. Cox

Your the man (or at least so you believe) you tutor this little whiny brats because you have to not because you care. Its your way or the highway so people better get out of your way.

other things i did this weekend include:
- sleeping
- not repairing the car
- drinking
- studying

which is exactly what i planned on doing, except the not repairing the car thing... but it wasn't my fault - i got home and fell asleep and when i woke up the garage was closed.

all in all - things are pretty good so far - nearing the end term test marathon
i need a date.