Friday, January 02, 2009

i need a Cosmic Bitchslap.

well not really... but it's so easy to fall into your own self pity, to wallow and not do anything about it....
i almost fell into that dark abyss again.
no more of that i'm alone bullshit, no more of that whiny white boy blues.
i've got to start doing shit in my life and not crying about what i should've done.
that being said, the temptation to just let everyone give me a big ole ego stroke is very real and threatening, and i tend to slip into it now and again... so please, if you see me doing it - just give me a Cosmic bitchslap - tell me to suck it up and move on, thanks Gnome(Noam G.)
so i need to move on - i asked a girl i really liked for a long time, if she wanted to go out with me, and i got rejected, but you know something? i don't care - her loss.
i'm sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself every time i get turned down, it's not worth it, they don't want to date me? fine with me, i'll go find someone else.
thing is only upon talking to her i started asking myself "why do i want to date her, what's so special about her anyway" and then when she said no, i felt nothing, no sadness, no anger, nothing...
besides - i'm holding tryouts for my next girlfriend, following requirements needed:
- must be a girl(with fully functional parts!)
- must have a brain.
- shy and a bit nerdy.
- likes computers(but not too much).
- likes jigsaw puzzles and watching movies.
- redheads welcome
- glasses welcome
if you are or you know someone that fits that description send her over and i'll test her.

have a great night!

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