Saturday, December 27, 2008

and like that... a fizzle, a war breaks out, i am alone once more

it has ended, for good this time...
me and Tal, we had our last talk, as a couple.
we aired out everything, it was a normal common conversation.
we both felt like we weren't in a relationship anymore, not for a while anyway, we felt we had to keep the relationship going so that we don't lose each other, and not cause we wanted it.
we'll stay friends, good friends... she truly is my best friend, but not a couple, not anymore, no.

i loved her, i still do. i wanted more from the relationship so i put more into it. but i didn't get the same back.

i'm crushed, hurt, alone...
but i'll survive.
everyone does, so why should i think any different.
i really need a drink now.