Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I dont cope well with these things

yeah well...
i've been so busy with my life- pushing forward, work, starting the university, studying, living my own life...
i constantly forget that i'm not alone, that i have family, family that i neglect.
well i just got the news that my great aunt died.
she was a big part of my childhood, and took care of me and my cousins...
she was diagnosed with Alzheimer about a year ago, and i haven't visited her prior to that.
last time i saw her was at a family member's wedding.

i do this all the time, i constantly push aside my relatives, i keep telling myself there will be time for visiting, next weekend, next month, next year, when i get discharged, when i start studies, after the tests....
but she's one more person in my life that i'm not gonna be able to hear or see again.

it's a fucked up world where the most important thing doesn't even have a value, where family is great but relatives and 25 cents can only get you a cup of coffee.

i never got around to understanding it, maybe that's why i distance myself from my family? maybe i think that if i get too attached i wont be able to bear the pain? 2 of my friends have lost their dad, i couldn't even imagine being in their shoes, yet i hardly speak to my own father, my excuse is that he's far away, in the states.

i think it's time i stop waiting for the right time to visit, to call, to see. i think i should just go and see my family, or at least call them up.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Funnel...

My Latest Paper Creation...
around 700 pieces.
over 8 hours of work.
1 Led Candle
Origami - The Funnel

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Driving around in my Automobile

Scaring people with my brand new Guy Fawkes Mask :D
thanks to Hila, whom i owe a lot, specifically 11 lbs of luggage space, i received some cool stuff, including a Guy Fawkes mask and a 3/4 length jacket/coat.

loads of fun, i love the reaction i got from some people.

2 teens, around 16 years of age, walking around in the parking lot with bags of groceries...
out i come driving at around 40~60 Kmp"h, zooming past them, giving them just enough time to see the driver, masked as Guy Fawkes.
from there, i stop at the end of the parking lot, and slowly yet loudly turn around, noticing them looking at me and the car, then i start driving towards them fast, they run out of the way, but before i get to them, i turn and exit the parking lot.

it's a new hobby of mine - messing with people, playing on the actions that they aren't ready for...

a waiter, serves me lunch, i took a burger, now, just as he serves me the food, i ask him for directions to the restroom.
a few minutes later, as usual, while you're trying to take the first bite of the burger, the waiter comes up and asks if everything is okay... usual answer? yeah, thank you.
my answer - "You see... i've had this killer stomach virus, it's been doing havoc on me and the toilets i use... ooomph! i gotta go!!!!" and i run off to the bathroom.

from what i heard - the waiter was half laughing, half shocked.
i had great fun, and it was totally worth it :D