Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sometimes all it takes is one little thing

Yeah... i'm a month free - a month of doing nothing, waking up whenever and looking for a job.
Apparently no one wants a programmer/QA/anything for a student job, cause i only had 1 interview... they called me after 3 weeks saying that they have no spots open but when they will - they'll call me, right.
meanwhile i'm going crazy, i hate not working, i hate being useless - so i did what i could - i went on vacation. 4 days in Eilat - the tourist capital of israel :) a great time was had, but i still felt empty - Me and Tal aren't going so well, she and i almost broke up yesterday - not with a fight, but rather by just talking about our relationship situation so far... we're still together, but barring any serious change on her part i don't really see this relationship lasting... i'd still love to be friends with her, but i really don't feel like we're a couple anymore.
and to top it all, i feel that most of my family and friends are taking advantage of me, and that it's my fault for not being able to say no to them(i gave up my camera to my brother because he needed one).
i dunno... i'm a bit confused, actually more than a bit. and now i'm going to sign unemployment for the cash.

i bought a new camera and it's quite fun actually, but my money situation is going critical.
i'm soo going to be a starving student(which might do me some good - i've gained a lot of weight).

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