Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still Alive... Still Alive... Still Alive!

God... i suck... 4 posts in 3 months...
yeah well i've been spending all my free time either with Tal or doing the Psychometry Studying...
it'll end soon though - the test is in 2 weeks :D
last night i did the first simulation(which is about 2 levels higher than the real test) and got 658, my instructor says that it's equivalent to around 700~720(out of 800). to get into biology i'll need around 650 so it's great :D

still no time for myself, 419 unread emails, not including spam :D
oh and in the rare occasions that i do have some breathing time - Crisis Core... DAMN YOU Squaresoft!!! Why'd you go and release it now????
ooooh i promised something!!! puppies!!!
The Puppies

so, how have i been? well it's not easy, relationships... i'm not used to them, most of my old "girlfriends" were a 1 or 2 date thing, usually ending before the 3 week period. it takes some working, but it's going really good, i love her... hope she feels the same about me :)
other than that things are fine, i got a little light of hope from my commander this week - they are working on releasing me in August instead of November which is awesome cause as of now i'm basically unemployed(no team, no work, no reason to wake up and get to work).

i've just spent an hour cleaning my room(havent done so in too long, couldn't see the floor at one point). and found some cool shit on the floor :D.

i'll try to update more, i promise. oh well time to clean the mailbox too :D

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Anonymous said...

Hmph. You're alive.
I guess I'll have to deal with that later...

Stop wasting my tax money by doing nothing at the army. They MUST fire you ASAP. :D

Your bitch had puppies!?!?!?
What a whore....... lol