Saturday, December 29, 2007

it's been a long time...

but before i update - here's the tattoo - finally uploaded it :)

so umm... yeah.
as i said, a friend of mine joined my trip, and i've been going places with him, it's nice although it's not my cup of tea, i like to take things slow and mellow out, while he wants to accomplish everything as soon as possible, so come days like today, when he went out to see some museums and i just stayed at home, resting, sleeping more, my style of vacationing.
i'm more of a lie on the beach, in the shade(cause i burn easily) all day, and just mellow out to the sound of the ocean.

anyway so we did accomplish a lot during this past week -
* Bodies...The Exhibition - That was a real mind blower - not for the weak(nothing brutal just real bodies displayed), it shows you exactly what your body is made of, bones, veins, arteries, skin, organs... the works. it's really a great way to get to know your own amazing body :D
* American Museum of Natural History - one of my favorite places, the place is huge!!!! plus we went to 2 exhibitions there - H2O & Mythical Creatures. it was fun, at least for me :) i just enjoy viewing the displays + the mythical creatures was really cool.
* Madame Tussauds - my second time there, it's still nice, they had some new things(mainly they added a goatee to Sam Jackson :)) but it's the same wax museum :)
* Ripley's Believe it Or Not... - some fun to be had there, it's interesting, fake mostly... but somethings are nice there, i preferred the Dean Caine TV Show :)
* Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - set inside a studio apartment, it's a real small display, but has a lot to offer, i spent an hour and a half in there, just reading about the history and evolution of comic and cartoon art :D.
and of course :
* Avenue Q - i love this show, it's the 4'th time i've seen it! this time however - it came especially good, i sat in the front row, right in the middle(well 2 seats from the middle, but you know...), i won 2 seats through the lottery they have(they raffle 12 front row seats for 21.50 each instead of 120+ dollars), they choose 6~7 names from the bag and those people win the tickets, and out of the 100 people there i was chosen 3'rd out of 6 :D. you know you've seen the show a lot once you start singing each song with the actors.

i've also met up with a few friends of mine, and while one meeting didn't go as good, the other was pretty good, i had fun, we had more to talk about, and overall i enjoyed the time spent.

anyway, that's my dry update... pictures will be uploaded when i return to israel.
i'll try to update more "meaty" stories when i have the muse for it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

for all we know, she could be holding the fate of the world...

my feet hurt... my will still strong, looking for that ever elusive trenchcoat... but i will find it.
Faith, as she calls herself, she's a woman, seems in her late 30's/early 40's, very nice, a bit too talkative...
she's here to save the war between England and the US... given a special item by the Gypsies, which she rather not show us, but instead carries it around wrapped in what seemed to be leather pants, with Ankhs on them... she told us that the government took her family jewels and sent her to the states... she said it all with confidence in her voice, and a sense of inner righteousness that makes you hope she's really on that quest...
i wonder if people go crazy by choice, do they just stop wanting the world to be as it is, and would rather deny the basic laws and fit in some of their own? i know i feel that way, seeing the world as it is today, saddens me most days, i sometimes have urges to do something unconventional, break the rules of society, live in fantasy a bit... is that wrong? to go outside of the conventional borders, into uncharted territory? maybe, just maybe that territory is too vast and to wonderful to ever succeed in finding ones way back. maybe the truth, the real wonders of this world lie there, and maybe, the crazy people have it right... well just maybe.
all this from a 10 minutes conversation, with a woman who undoubtedly a bit touched in the head, in a starshmucks coffee place(yea, i do hate the chain - i'm sorry but a Tall frappachinno? what the hell is that? ice coffee, that's what!).

i bought a Jack Skellington Figurine, complete with 12 changing heads :)
jack stands tall at about 40 c"ms and i found him fitting to my collection.
it's been a good day.

on a sadder note - i miss Tal, and these 40+ minute conversations are'nt helping me at all...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Who Needs Protection?

it's a small world... really small, tiny insiginficant and weird.
i was at the Queens Mall today, buying some stuff, you know, enjoying the town life.
i was stopped by not 1, not 3, but 6 israelis who sell stuff(dead sea and other spa merchendise/clothing/jewelry), every time - talking to me in english, then me asking are you from israel, in hebrew, then them naturally answering the question in english, and after that realizing that i speak hebrew and asking what i'm doing here.
but that's not the issue, i like that i'm surrounded by jews.

some girl named Dorit came to me to sell me some crap(so called star rocks) i did the routine with her, and then she asked where i serve/served in the army... now here comes the weird part:
a) 2 girls who work with her(twin sisters) were at my base during my time and know me from the army mail.
b) Dorit's friend works at my base and i know him.

what's fun about people knowing you is that i saw something nice from their cart and i wanted to buy it - so they gave me it for 5$ instead of 30 :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

lack of updates

it's strange, the more changes that happened to me, the less i had the strength to write about them. but sitting here, in the U.S.(finally) recovering from a case of very mild jetlag(went to sleep at 10, woke up at 5,7,8) i find that there's time to share some stuff with you.
i won't be posting pictures, well at least not now...

so where to start...
my tattoo is healing nicely, i wanted to post a picture of it asap but it has all these marks on it, as the skin peels off, so i will wait a week because it's gonna look better.

Julia... she came over last tuesday and we had a fun day, it included going to a themepark(superland in israel) and eating out(including going to Max Brenner). when the day was through i talked to her, explained that i had used to have feelings for her, but the more we grew as friends the more i was scared to act on them, not wanting to ruin our friendship, and that i had made up my mind and chose her as a friend only, she was real happy to hear that, and said taht she prefered me as a friend as well which was taken good(meaning i didn't see it as a rejection or something). that's one of my problems solved :)

in a weird state of things - one of my friends decided to join me here, and so tomorrow night i'm picking him up and we're gonna be traveling for the next 2 weeks together, it's nice although him staying at my dad's house will be kind of weird, even though my dad is okay with it. i'm hoping Eva(my fathers wife) will be okay with it too... we're probably gonna go to Orlando and see some themeparks while there.

the flight here was good, i was put in the very last row of the plane, near the window, which was awesome because there was only one other chair that blocked the way to the isle, so i was practically free :) they also aired Stardust and Ratatouille. and as always the food was good(am i the only one that likes airplane food?).

now i need to find me a long coat here.

so that's that for me now... more news to post when i have them.

Friday, December 14, 2007

just a sneak preview...

yes, that is permanent ink on me :)
more news to come...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm an Idiot.

Had a car incident.
not an accident, just sheer stupidity.
it was raining, took a turn too fast, and swiveled.
luckily for me it reacted correctly and the only thing i hit was the front bumper on the railing(after my car did a 180).
the plastic cover of the lights came off in one piece and i'm gonna probably glue it back on.
i was real lucky, and it's nothing i'm gonna do/try/want to experience ever again.
i usually pride myself with the fact that i can drive, but today, my pride received a massive blow.

regarding the tattoo - i'm gonna go to the parlor next week and get it done, right before my flight to the u.s.
Tal drew the Tattoo again, this time bigger and in color:

that's all for tonight.