Wednesday, November 28, 2007

of drawings, tattoos and new people

it's weird to meet someone for the first time, and just click, it's just weird.
but I've met a girl, no she isn't going to be my girlfriend.
she has herself a man already, and has had so for the past 3 years. but still, we just get along great, we're both damaged in our own sweet way... we mew.

I've known her for barely a week, yet I find it easy to talk to her, she slept here last night and we just spent time together either talking or mewing or just sitting there and laughing till 3 am. then we went to sleep together, my arm around her(because she asked me to).

I've been wanting to get a tattoo for 4 years already, and I've known exactly what I wanted since the beginning:
it's a Moomba from Final Fantasy 8, this is the concept art
and i've thought of 2 places to put it, either the traditional (right or left) triceps area or the part neck, part back, part shoulder, part ribs area(which would make it full sized and not shrunken). so she drew it on me, just so i could get a better feel on how it would look:

(yeah - my arm is a bit hairy :( )
she only did the outline last time, but next week she'll do the full color drawing.
so i've decided to do the triceps area, because it looks good, and it's less skin to take off before burying me when i die(Jewish burying tradition - think of it like if someone lends you a new car and you put a sticker on it - you're gonna have to remove that sticker before returning the car to him, no?)

she also made me remember how i liked to draw and sculpt and that i should really return to that :)

on a sadder note - I've been informed today that my team will be closed by the end of the first quarter of next year, which means that i'm gonna be thrown to a crappy team for the last 6 months of my service, which sucks, but is a story for a whole other post.
but other than that things are definitely going good for me :)
oh and only 19 more days till i'm in the states! yay!

Monday, November 19, 2007

ahhh... memories :)

just spent the last hour or so flipping through my digital photo album and printing some pictures.
i've had some good times this past year :) here's hoping for a better one(or at least the same :))

Saturday, November 17, 2007

One Month to go...

yep, today's the 17'th - that means that in a month, i'll be on the plane to the US. finally... i need this vacation :)
this also means that soon i'm gonna stop working :) i gotta start passing on my knowledge else they'll have a hard time while i'm in on vacation...

i've visited Nyuki today, she's just the cutest as can be :)

it's reassuring to see that she's doing good :) i've really missed her, and a month without her has had it's toll on me.

i've promised pictures from the Dig last week and here they are -
this is my pickaxe, after i was done with it :)

this was taken from inside the prison that we dug in:

this was from a different window:

this was a sticker on a wall in Jaffa and i kinda liked it:

and this was just a cool boat i saw in the docks:

there are pictures of me somewhere so i'll post them as soon as i get them :)

on a final note - my brother has started collecting my photos, he's gonna start showing them around and maybe gonna publish some... i've found this very amusing :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What i learnt today...

a) Giving me a pickaxe isn't the most cleverest idea.
b) Giving me a 10 pound hammer isn't either.
c) disregarding previous points - putting me next to a wall and telling me to destroy it - good idea :)
d) archeology can be a lot of fun, if you're in it for the wanton destruction.
e) hummus poisoning is not a lot of fun.

pictures will be up as soon as i have time.

Monday, November 12, 2007

in a world where a movie costs 9 dollars.

now i'm not sure how much it costs in the states, but here it's around 9 dollars for a movie going experience.
now why do i mention it? simply because today, i ordered Sam and Max Season 2.
** erm... what? how is that connected to anything??? **
well it's pretty simple, in my own mind:
the season costs about 35 dollars, which is a pretty solid price. now i got the first chapter and played it, and it amused me as heck for around 3 hours(a short but very humorist game). it comes down to a chapter costing 7 dollars, and giving me roughly the same entertainment as a movie does.
what does it all mean? get Sam & Max, it's a great game, worth the few dollars(Season 1 was great, except the first 2 chapters) oh, and if you don't believe me - play the 4'th chapter for free!

after getting that out of my system...
i've had a very fun weekend, there was a house warming for 2 friends of mine, it was pretty good, lots of people whom i've never seen before, but other than that, pretty decent... they had sushi, which i don't usually eat, seeing as i don't eat fish and stuff... but they had a platter of Vegetarian sushi, and it was surprisingly good :) there were also some strange, strange, strange pictures:

(none of these were edited, all are 100% originals :|)
the rest of the madness can be found here:
Gabel and Ilya's housewarming

on saturday i spent the whole day in haifa, and it was great, i hung out with good friends and had a long talk with Alina, whom i've missed a lot since her releasement.
and i've made up plans on what to do for my releasement, but that's for another post :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Home Grown...

**Note - this is just some late night random babble...

I do believe in Karma, i do good things to others, never wanting anything in return, well not usually :) i usually cant say no to people when i know they're genuinely asking for help with something, despite knowing that I'm being used for exactly because of that. I'm mostly nice to people i know, and am usually an asshole when it comes to strangers(and sometimes friends) - working on that :) why am i saying this? because i can't understand how most people, and don't give the story about every person wanting to be good, but certain things are forcing him to do x and y... i can't understand how someone else can't be considerate to others, and i'm not talking about big stuff, i like to use the parking example, in my building there are 8 apartments and about 10 parking spaces... somehow the same asshole keeps blocking 3 parking spots with his car(not to mention the passage, making my and other tenants' life a wee bit more harder on the reverse side). i confronted him and he stopped parking there, for 2 days... then he returned, will confront him again.
another thing that really irritates me is that people have gotten used to having to bargain to get someone to help them, i hate the "you scratch my back i'll scratch yours" world... why can't people just help people for the sake of helping? it's not hard, and you do feel better about yourself. anyway this rant is starting to repeat itself, so lets play random topics:
my movie list - the 5 movies i wanted to see since the beginning of the year? well i saw 4 out of 5 movies in 2 weeks after a long 10 months of nothing - i'd call that an accomplishment! Pan's Labyrinth was amazing, structureless as it may be, i liked it. I also saw The Pick of Destiny today, which like putting your brain on hold for an hour or so, not good nor bad, just a way to pass time.
the high price of mock ink - i bought some fake ink cartridges for my printer about 2 months ago - they recently blew up(i shit you not - the printer was covered in ink) and i had to clean the whole compartment, luckily it didn't damage any critical part and after cleaning and buying the originals the printer was as good as new...but it did get me thinking - i saved about 25 dollars on ink by buying fakes, but in the end the fake ink did less prints than the originals and it took me almost a whole day to fix the mess(and i still have ink stains on my hands and floor).
next time i'm sticking to originals.
Home Grown... and twice as tasty - i've started to grow some of my own vegetables. I have Chives, Mints, Lemon Grass, Onions and Basil. it took a few months but finally i can start adding them into food i make, and i have to say, it does taste better when it's home grown... i'm gonna start a tomato plant in a month and after that - cucumbers :) i've always had this green thumb(its green now because of the ink, but think metaphorically) and finally i have a chance to grow stuff, it's wonderful :)

well i'm happy to get this off my mind, now i can probably sleep better :) night all

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween, Beer, Lasers and Me :)

Halloween was awesome :)
sure it isn't a Jewish holiday, but that doesn't mean that our Irish bars won't celebrate it :)
so after working till 8:50 pm, i got ready, got into my car, and picked up some girls for the pub:

(Idit, Racheli and Noga)
And we went to the pub :) The Temple Bar, one of my favorite pubs in Israel :)

So we got there - about 10 people or so, and more people kept on flowing in... i think it was the first time my army friends met my home friends... it went pretty good :) we had lots of fun, people got real happy and all in all the night was great :)

anyway - more pictures can be found here :
HalloweeNESS 2007

they had some party favors, namely a Glass and horns:

and i got myself a Glass(well, i haggled one out of Aviv, who won it by getting himself shocked).
for those not familiar with my glass collection:

i had a great time :)

this past week was pretty good, it went by so fast, i really think i'm doing better... it's funny actually, giving up on trying to find something, just letting go - flowing with the current, i'm currently just living day by day. i've also caught up with the list, and saw Man of the Year on sunday... i'm also gonna see Pan's Labyrinth tomorrow. i also got this wicked Sky laser(a green point laser able to reach about 5 km distance, it's great for pointing to stars and just playing with in general :)). oh and a recommendation! Reaper is a great TV Show, Ray Wise Does a great Devil.