Sunday, October 28, 2007

So... Ummm, Yeah.

This weekend has been a real eye opener for me...
i'm gonna stop waiting for things to happen and become more assertive about these things. I'm also gonna try to stop worrying about stupid things. i've really been efficient this weekend - i enlisted for a Course for my next Psycho's, and this time i'll do it proper. i've also played a lot of basketball, which is great, i pushed myself farther than i usually could(i played 8 games straight today :))so i'm happy... i also went to see Nyuki at my sister's house, and was relieved to see that she's doing great, she has good friends now, and she's playing a lot. my sister's been taking good care of her, and i'm feeling better about her taking care of my little doggy :) ooh and this week Halloween's coming up - And with it comes HalloweeNESS(a Guinness event) which means beer, costumes and presents! so that's gonna be good.

i think i'm snapping out of my depression, lets hope this good feeling lasts :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not Lost in Translation.

If you aren't familiar with Avenue Q then Shame on You!
I won't go into the play itself, but you have to see it, wherever you are...
what i will say is this:
after seeing the Hebrew Version i have to say that even though they changed 2 characters, and totally translated the songs, keeping the original music, they did a brilliant job in bringing an American show to the Israeli audience.
the show was perfect(even though there were technical problems in the beginning) the actors were amazing, Michal Yannai took on a very big role, and did so with great skill and humor that had me laughing a lot.
After seeing Avenue Q on Broadway and in Israel, i have to say that both versions, al be it different, Are great!
if you're in Israel now(HINT HINT Hila!) go see it!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

well almost a year after....

on 19/01/2007(it was a Friday) i said that i must see the following movies:
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • Man of the Year
  • Children of Men
  • Babel
  • Night at the Museum

i ain't keeping up with myself.
but i did see Children of Men today, it's a great movie, very post apocalyptic, great camera work(realistic as heck) and Clive Owen did a great job. i seriously recommend it.

how am i? i'm a wreck.

Certain Things you come to expect...

I just arrived home, after a long day... half expecting to be jumped by a cute, 10 month old dog... however, i came home and no dog greeted me... for this morning i was forced to take Nyuki to my sisters house - my mom doesn't want her in the house anymore.
so now she's with my sister, and some habits that i've gotten used to are gone...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

this time it's final...

after i return home from the states, i'm moving out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Start Spreading the News!

I've bought my ticket today -
I'll be all over the states(starting in New York of course!)
so mark your calenders and get ready for a call from me :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

only one thing to show :)

taken from the Nightwish video i posted:
this is from now -
Honors for This Video:
#13 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music
#84 - Top Rated (Today) - Music

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Wish i had an Angel

Oh what a show :)
Nightwish had an awesome show with some great songs, and even though Anette couldn't come close to Tarja she was still amazing...

i even caught her in some funny poses:

the rest can be found here:
From Nightwish in ...

the holidays messed me up, i have even less will to work now :|
especially after today - i spent half the day carrying servers and installing them, and that isn't even in my job description. on the plus side, i have something planned for each week until the end of the month(party this Thursday, beer next week, Avenue Q translated in 2 weeks :D )
Ohh and i finally made good use of my YouTube Account, go ahead, take a look!
have a great night, y'all.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

What a holiday :)

Mostly Restful, Lots of things done :)
I saw the Closed Mossad, which turned out to be as funny as people told me it would be. i even got a chance to play some basketball(twice even :)) which is always awesome.
Wednesday i went to see The Puppet Folk Revival show, and it was awesome - i think that everything that could've gone wrong in the show did - it started with the stagehands not dimming the lights/playing the videos when they should have, then the guitar's battery died out, then main puppet's arm became detached and finally the marionette's head went a bit too much to the left got stuck there. I really feel bad for them, because despite it all, they held a great performance, and i think they felt bad because everything went down wrong...
i took 2 full length videos(the second one has the marionette's problems and you can see that the puppet's arm is outside the shirt):

after that I stayed for Hipoptam's First Congress which kinda felt cheap to me - it had about 30 minutes of film from their site, almost all of the on stage was a remake of the opening show(with some of the words changed), the only new stuff was a documentary about the cast that was filmed in 2000, some lost videos and a sketch that they forgot half the lines to(which was funny) - also almost all the questions asked were replied with - we'll see. but all in all it was funny so it was good.
i got home at 3 am, after dropping off a couple of friends, and fell to sleep - woke up thursday at around 12, and was in a crystal daze :) i got up, got clothed and went down with Nyuki for her daily routine... suddenly i remembered that i had to drive to Haifa(i promised some friends that i would) so i quickly returned home, ate some quick lunch and drove to Haifa(a 2 hour drive). a highlight of the drive there - the speed limit is 100kmph, i was doing 120kmph, suddenly this cop was on my tail and pointed me to go to the right lane(i was on the left), i kinda/sorta ignored him and he just went to the right, passed me and started driving at about 150(he zoomed past me so fast, that's what i think he was doing).
I spent the day with Julia, and she showed me pictures of her trip to Canada/wedding of her cousin. it was pretty fun at her place, and in the end she cooked me dinner, we ate and i left...
I met up with Alina afterwards, and we went for a walk around the town, she showed me some nice spots near Lewis' promenade. we sat and talked for hours there, and it was very relaxing, i almost didn't want to return home. one of the nicer places we saw was above the Bahá'í World Centre
i took some pictures from there:

(haifa over the Bahá'í Gardens)

(Haifa at night)

(The Bahá'í Gardens entrance)
I had great time, and at around 1:20 i started my way back home, tired as can be.
lemme tell you the secret for a safe drive when you're tired - Chocolate bar with Pop rock Candy in it... you take a cube every 10 minutes or so - it keeps you alert for the whole trip :)
i got home at 3~3:30 and crashed... yesterday was pretty uneventful. and tonight, tonight i'm gonna go see Nightwish :)
have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

God Dammit, Leeroy!

oh god, this is so fucking funny.
for those who are too lazy, don't be, click on the link, and if you don't get the joke look at this video.
trust me, it's worth it...

regarding facebook - it's nice, can't see the addiction factor yet... got 42 friends which is decent :)
tomorrow Puppet folk Revival! w0000t!

night night

Monday, October 01, 2007

well it might not be of my own will but it's done....

Someone, and i'm not going to name names, E., has opened a Facebook account in my name, and changed the email to my email.
so now i'm stuck with a facebook account, and i've decided to keep it...

in other news - i've got the tickets to Puppet Folk Revival and to The Closed Mossad, which is an israeli satire movie made by the guys from Hipopotam :)

that's all. E - i hate you!