Saturday, September 29, 2007

ICon Festival 2007. You will never find a more nerdy hive of Geeks and Roleplayers.

Actually the opening ceremony was pretty nice, Hipopotam(a group of radio broadcasters/parody/nonsense dealers) did the sketches, and were quite good. the Guest this year is Carol Berg, whom I've never heard about before, but some say she's good(a math teacher and computer engineer?). all in all it looks like it's gonna be a good Festival.

one thing that i did see - a few months back, i was at my brothers place on Saturday, i was walking down the street and i saw this group of 3 people with puppets, singing old American folk songs, it was nice, but i forgot about it... apparently they are a group called "Puppet Folk Revival". they are really good and you should see their performance of For What it's Worth. anyway they have a show in ICon this Wednesday and i'm gonna go watch it. should be good, and for 7 dollars it's not a bad price...

I met with Noa, i've missed her a lot and am happy she's back :) + i love the shirt she got me :)
other than that i've met some people that i've missed as well - namely Hila, Chai and a few others, as well as some people that i could care less about, namely N.

on the plus side, i've finally hooked up the surround speakers in my room, finally music sounds good.

night night :)

Yesterday, well it was weird...

a few things first -
* passion fruit + wild berry ice cream is awesome.
* the correct answer for "how are you doing?" should never be "i wanna stab your colon".
* no matter how hard you try/mark/test/re-mark/simulate or practice - a shelf will always be crooked.
with that said - let me tell you something about me and Russian food... we don't mix too well.
last night my uncle invited the family for dinner at this Russian/Romanian restaurant for my grandfather's birthday. it was a dinner and a show kind of thing. firstly - most of the plates were with pork or a combination of meat and cheeses or fish(with an exception to one of the only things i could eat - a salad consisting of pineapple and apples).
for those who don't know - i don't eat anything that comes from the sea/mushrooms/eggplants, and i eat only kosher food.
so i sat there, as almost everyone ate - with an empty plate... the only things i could eat over there were a big old plate of grapes, the pineapple/apple thingie, green green salads and a Romanian dish named Mămăligă.
we also had a main dish, but i was in a hurry and had to leave before they served it(who serves a main dish at 11:30???). The show part of the evening started quite hilarious - 2 Russian girls, in a what can only be described as some sort of aquatic costume, dancing, that is to say moving to the rhythm of, Era's Ameno. from there it continued to a Russian band playing Sting's Englishman in New York to a pretty nice violin tune. from there it took a turn for the worse, at some point there was an authentic Slav dance which was nice and that's where i left, hungry and feeling bad(i ate a lot of grapes, a LOT).
I went to see Shoot 'em up with some friends, and i have to say, this movie, with an excuse of a plot really was fucking hilarious, the actors were great(both Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti were great, and Monica Bellucci was terrific as always). it's like someone took all the great ideas for brain dead action movies, put them all in one movie and used a very loose plot to hold it all in. i liked it, a lot :).

today i finally made a list of threadless shirts i want to buy next time there's a sale.
here they are:
Treasure Map, Teddy Band, The Sound of Silents, Emo Bear.
and tonight i'm going to Icon(a Sci-Fi convention of sorts here in Israel, it's pretty good, lots of freaks to laugh at :) also Neil Gaiman was there last year). I'm going to finally see Noa again, and maybe, if there are any tickets, see Stardust :)

well that's all i have to say for now... i wish i was abroad, but i'm not doing too bad here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Sukot!

yep, another Hebrew holiday, another few days off, i like it :)
workwise - i'm so behind on my job, i guess i don't care anymore, my commander, he's a dope, his attitude towards the army is so anal, it makes me sick most of the time, and his commander(who used to be my commander, not so long ago) he's trying to convince me to stay some more years in service... meanwhile i did my calculations, and i have a year left at the army, out of that year, i have 3 months of vacation, that leaves 9 months... take out the holidays and the weekends and i'm left with about 180 days that i have to be in the base. that aint so bad... and i'm not gonna sign on more years.

tuesday i felt like my ears were being raped when Kuperstein forced me to listen to a cover of Jamiroquai's "Cosmic Girl" performed in Hebrew(!) by a third rate Mediterranean signer. the experience itself left my ears still in pain.

all of a sudden everyone has a facebook, i don't know why people are so in to that, but it's driving me crazy, i'm getting too many people telling me that i should open an account, could someone please explain this phenomenon to me?

oh and today me and some friends went to play pool, like we usually do... but tonight something illogical happened - i accidentally got a ball to bounce from the table, into the garbage hole of a combined garbage and ash tray that looks like this:

(the gray area being the garbage hole and the yellow area being the removable ash tray)
that in itself is pretty nice, but the truly amazing part was that the ball flew out of the ash tray part. we were all looking at that and just started laughing uncontrollably, it was simply unbelievable, the weirdest thing is that nothing could have caused it to fly out from above, the only explanation is that the ball's speed caused it to climb up when it hit the back wall of the garbage container.

tomorrow is a fun filled day full of drilling in walls(i have to install my shelves + a night light for my mom + the 3 surround speakers in my room + a curtain in my sister's home + a towel rack in my sister's home), celebrating my grandfather's birthday(at a restaurant) and going to see Shoot 'Em Up.
oh and by the way - Breaking Benjamin, great band :D

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It was Inevitable...

I found out something about myself... something disturbing...
i find happiness in other's sadness, it's not that i feel better because they don't, it's more like, arg, i'm sitting here for 15 minutes trying to explain this to myself, without success... yet, i know this - i'm not happy out of another's misfortune, i'm happy that someone is sharing thier misfortune with me...
if that even made sense... i dunno anymore...

the Yom Kippur Fast went by rather smoothly... i slept a whole bunch and finally finished reading The Gaiman Death Series, they are really great, really :)

oh well tomorrow's back to work... have a good one

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Avast Me Harties!

(this mail was written on 19/9 and posted later as a result of a server error)
For today be special... not for me, nay cap'n, but for all pirates alike, Yarr!
today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
those who be not familiar should view this:

today also be the Saucy Wench Juliet's Birthday, Harrr....

i suddenly have fits of rage, like today for instance - i got so pissed off at my fan that i accidently broke it... it's all fixed now :|
i might be taking a long weekend abroad...
i can't stand being here any more, i need a vacation so me and some buddies are planning a trip either to Turkey, Greece or Cyprus next weekend for 5 days.
Arrr, I gonna be plundering some booty, Yarrr!

have a good one!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't feel that hot....

have this sudden depression... no apparent reason. just depressed... started to feel depressed as soon as i got closer to the base. also had no will to work today, just stared at the screen for hours...

in other news, i've been wanting to post this image for a while now, and today seems fitting:

in other other news -
Maria, a friend of mine from Greece(met her when i went to see Pearl Jam) sent me a great Internet radio link, it's a Greek station, with barely any commecials, and it plays great music from the 80's 90's and good 2000's, most of the time("The Killers - Mr. Brightside" is on right now)...
you can find it here(just click on the listen now at the top left, no need to understand Greek).
what else - i "bought"(Kuper bought, i owe him the money) tickets for Nightwish on October 6'th... that's good news i think...

night people...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Rosh-Hashana!

Shana Tova!
for those playing the English version - it's the Jewish new year!

(for those who are paranoid, the Hebrew greeting is the same as the English one, almost :D)

last night's feast was great, we did things traditionally(my sister and her husband are quite religious so for them we did a very traditional Holiday)

Have a great year, filled with success, love, peace, good fortune and of course happiness!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beer, BBQ, Bachelor Party and Lord of the Flies...

This weekend was awesome...
Omer, a friend of mine, is getting married on the 17'th. so we threw him a Bachelor's Party of some sort... we went to the Kinneret(The Sea Of Galilee).
from the get go there were problems -
about 2 hours after we hit the road(3 cars) we were informed that someone forgot to buy the Pita bread(it's a must if you're having a BBQ). so every car started looking for any place that's still open(it was right before the sunset, on a friday - everything is closed)... we(and by we i mean the car that forgot to buy it in the first place...) found somewhere to buy the Pita, and then we realized another problem - the Grill wasn't in any car - we forgot it back home... so we(again, by we i mean the car with the idiots) found a place to buy a cheap Grill.
while they were busy replacing the forgotten goods, we decided to take some pictures along the way:
the view
the real view
the lake
we weren't that unlucky though - the entrance was about 25 dollars per car... but the person who collected the money was a schoolfriend of one of my friends so we entered for free :D.
we finally arrived and made camp:

we started goofing around, setting up the Grill, and of course - drinking :)

it was all good fun, we played some drinking games, had some good meat and got pissed drunk :)
in case you were wondering - this is the Groom to be:

Aviv - another friend of mine, and the closest to Omer, got so drunk that he drank anything... including this shot of Olive Oil:

which of course he spat out right after drinking, and then chased the guy in the picture and spilled a whole bottle of cola on him and himself :).
all in great fun, as i say :D

i stupidly brought a sleeping bag without checking it first(my sister assured me it was fine, she slept in it not long ago), and paid for it - the sleeping bag was like half my height (my sister is shorter than me, so i should have known). so i spent my night on the grass with the sleeping bag as my blanket and my backpack as the pillow, it wasn't that terrible really - the people with the tents died of heat - it was a sauna in there.
what else am i forgetting?
oh of course, the Flies.
around 6 am, i'm awakened by a friend of mine saying this line - "did you see that fly? it was fucking huge". after that exact sentence - hundreds of flies attacked the grass field, causing everyone that was there and not in tents to wake up, i'm talking hundreds of people waking up to the stampede of flies. it was so terrible that we ran to the water, just to escape the onslaught. then the sun finally went up and the flies retreated...
while packing up i took this picture :
it's a frog!
and of course - the group photo!

the rest of the pictures can be found right here:
From Omer's Bachel...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yet again i get screwed in pay. it's sickening...
so i started an Italian Strike. that's all i have to say about it.

i also saw that there are new people reading this blog, so i'd like to say hey :) how are ya?

my days now include like 1 hour on the computer, tops... i spend the rest either at work or on the road or helping my mother... so i don't even keep up with emails(seriously - i have like 20 unread mails that are personal).
i've started planning my trip to the u.s. - so far it includes n.y. and the area(boston, philly, n.j.) then i go up towards Canada, and from there either i go to Las Vegas(my aunt and uncle decided to get re-married there and i'm invited to the wedding) and after that to Florida, or straight to Florida. it's gonna be a big budget trip :) i've also called my father after about 3 weeks(i couldn't find the time :( ) he's finally reaching a settlement with the person who hit him and after that he'll get a settlement from Workers Comp.
Things are getting hectic towards the holiday here, and we've done a lot of the shopping today, i'm really excited - i miss our family dinners.

and to close this rather empty update i got to say that i've recaptured my love for A Capella after hearing Rockapella( :) ) again, they really are amazing