Thursday, August 30, 2007

alright - this is just amazing!

thank you Nati!

The Real Life Is Hard...

i can't put it better than that...
i got offered a service program today. 2 more years of service for a rank(pay upgrade) and $15,000 signing bonus. in all sense of the word - i need the money.
but i can't do it... i've had my fill of the army so far, it's been 6 years almost, and it isn't getting easier. i'm getting older, i need to set my life in track, especially if i want to become a vet. there are great advantages to staying in the army(where else will i get learning hours and 25 days of vacation(+2 no hassle sick days)). other than that - we talked about me signing a half year regardless- and i said that if i ain't gonna take the service program - i'm not signing the half year. he said something about the fact that they can force me to sign, and i said that if it comes to that - it won't be a pleasant period for the army.

in funner news - we're organizing a StreetWars game. for those who don't know or are too lazy to read - it's a massive multiplayer game where each person is an assassin and a target(of another person). the main concept is to assassinate your target(and take his target) using any water means you can think of(being precise as possible) and try to survive the others until you're the last man standing. it's really cool, me and 3 others are managing the whole game, i'm hoping it's gonna help lift my spirits.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ironic? well not Alanis'

Taken(without permission) from (Neurotically Yours) and (Contemplation REiKO):

if you still don't get it: The ASPCA right under the comic itself should be evidence enough :D

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well i guess this is a start...

I'm back... got settled in the new apartment.
it's actually nice, although it takes some getting used to.
i bought the LCD :) it's an LG 32", the newest model, and a friend fixed me up with a great price for it :D
there was erm... an event today:
a friend of mine informed me that there was a kitten stuck between a building and a tree while i was at lunch, so i rushed with her to the building and saw the kitten really struggling to just stay put... it was around the third floor of the building.
so i called the Base Commander and got him to come and see what he can do(i really didn't expect him to do anything, but was hoping) and he brought a lift to the rescue, i was really satisfied with him, he's really a great guy. while waiting for the lift, we actually saw the cat climb a near 90° angle up, which was very impressive; the other thing that happened was that the cat got anxious and peed from about 15 meters up, sprayed me and other people that gathered :). anyway, when the lift got there the kitten was so freaked out that he climbed the rest of the building and got to the roof... then he jumped off it from the 4'th floor and landed in a staircase, didn't even hurt anything... i called him the cat who lived :)

anyway, will post more when i get the time... have fun people :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

last post at this apartment

Yeah... pretty much everything else's packed up...
now it's time to close the computer and pack it up...
i already dismantled the speaker system. no more music.
i'll post back after i settle down in the new place.
P.S - good news! i'm buying a LCD T.V. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Got the keys.

yeah, today was the big day, we got the keys to the new apartment... started moving our stuff there...
Nyuki even got her own private couch :)

today someone(a Major) succeeded in pissing me off...
because of certain events i had to sign a day off from work and still work there...
so i didn't wear my uniform, i figured if i'm working on a day off, the least i could get away with is wearing civilian cloths... i thought wrong - this Major came up to me 3 times today and ordered me to wear the uniform, when i said i was on my day off he said that either i go home or i work with my uniform, i gave this a thought and said no.
now i find out that he's planing on giving me a complaint and i'm gonna have a hearing because i refused an order.
now this is total bullshit. i know that i wont get anything, i'll file a counter complaint on the fact that he is a dick.
just got me pissed off...

in other news - can anyone explain this Garfield strip to me?

have a great day, methinks beddybye time for me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

God, i've wanted to do a post like this for a while...

No News!
just after Beer silliness :D
some videos i found and kept, wanting to post them for a while now :)
Alanis - My Humps:


Facebook Off:

Minesweeper, The Movie:

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:

Saturday, August 11, 2007


i own too much stuff :)
some of the things i found today:
* a ball(about 10 c"m diameter) made entirely out of rubber bands.
* a florescent black light+ painting(yeah yeah, i'm a 70's guy, i love black light art and i love black velvet art).
* an SNES+Genesis(in mint condition!) and some games...
* all sorts of cables and connectors.
* old photos of me from boot camp.
* more cd's than i ever thought i could have...

yeah well it's not that fun to pack up.
my stuff is all in boxes, all i have left is my pc and speakers...
next sunday i'll be in the new apartment.
g'night :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sufficiently Drunk

that's what i am right now... not too drunk, nor sober for that matter...
i drank my share of Johnny Walker Black... about 5~6 small glasses of it(i don't remember if the spilled one was the sixth or seventh...).
me and 3 other friends drank some tonight, it was fun, i learnt some stuff about the others that i didn't know before... i think that's why i like our organized alcohol nights, besides - it keeps me from being an alcoholic, cause i never drink alone :)

Zvi isn't moving in with us, that's the latest from today - after a series of very silly arguments today(one involving the his spot on the bed and the other a newspaper) my mom finally had enough and it's official - he's not moving in with us...

i need to sleep... night all!

Monday, August 06, 2007

A year Past...

one year ago yesterday,
i started my blog...
one of my first comments ever:

<eran>: r u actually gonna update ur blog
<me>: yeah
<me>: probably
<eran>: most il bloggers quit after a few months. :-/
<eran>: unlike blogs in the us, uk

so yeah, i kept on updating my blog, and it's really funny, i sat today reading my old posts, things i couldn't remember, things i wanted to forget, all down there on my digital journal.
happy memories, bad experiences, weird feelings and mostly all the between the line meanings got me very very surprised at myself, i have changed, not a lot, but bit by bit(insert geek joke here)... i can easily say that my shyness from people has improved, not by much but still, i feel more comfortable talking to complete strangers about my life than i did before... i guess letting go and knowing that some of your deepest thoughts are available to anyone who just does a simple search has helped me :)
i forgot to say that i went to a Buffy Themed party this past Thursday, i never understood how this series got elevated to cult status, but it did, and i went to said party, but i didn't enjoy myself, i guess it's partly because i preferred the Movie to the Series.

Nyuki ate my Cellphone antenna again, it's gotta be like the 6th+ time she did that, i think she wants cancer...

I've been asked if Zvi is moving in with us at the new apartment - the answer is yes. it's a long story but to sum it up - my mom feels sorry for him, and she hasn't got the strength to start dating again... so he's moving in, but she's hoping that he'll move out of his own decision...

i finally got a/c in my car(w00t)!!!

now i need to start packing :| i have too much stuff, between my books, my dvd collections and my discs i have over 10 boxes...

Saturday, August 04, 2007


haven't written in a long time... almost 2 weeks... so whats new?

i saw the Simpsons movie with Shelly, a co-worker(so to say...) and it was very
enjoyable - the movie is fantastic, although i'm not sure i'd pay for it.

i also finished the 7th harry potter, and it was pretty nice, i quite enjoyed it, even though it was very kitschy.

work is killing me, i'm staying late, working weekends, and barely finishing projects. it's a phase that'll end pretty soon, but it's still bothering me.
a whole lot of events happened - Idit's Birthday party, where i met Racheli:

she's a great girl, who's taken :(
we get along great together, i actually found someone that i can really talk to at work and that's awesome, she also promised to hook me up with her friends :D
we went to see harry potter and the order of the phoenix together - the movie was good, but wasn't at all like the book, as usual - the actor who played Harry sucked ass, but the casting for Luna was incredible.

2 friends of mine celebrated their birthday a week afterwards, Shlomit and Hila...
Shlomit was a bit of a downer when i met her, but now, she seems happier, and i'm glad... someone who studies with her told me that she had changed after she started dating her new girlfriend.

well she's Hila, she's the only person i'm truly afraid of...

last monday our Sect had a 2 day trip north(kinda like a school field trip) which i wasn't looking forward to, usually they end up crappy at best. but this one was a bit different, i actually had a great time. i was given a task of being in charge of dinner, so me and 5 other people set up a BBQ for 120 people(in less than 2 hours!), the dinner was a huge success and i got praises from my commanders which is always nice :) we also got great fleece jackets(which you can see most were wearing :)):

The day i returned from the Trip my mom informed me that we were yet again moving to a new apartment. the trouble with Gypsy genes is the constant need to move from place to place, never staying in one spot for more than 3 years, it's been like this throughout all my life. i can't say i don't like it, it's just harder for me go get attached to some things this way.
the new apartment looks just like the old one, probably built using the same blueprint. but the area is quieter and the rent is lower so its good... we're moving in a week and a half... i'm thinking of throwing a big party in the old house(i still need to throw a decent birthday party, haven't done so yet).

anyway, that's my post, hopefully i'll have time to write some more this week, it's supposed to be a good one, or so i hope :)