Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I got Prescreening Tickets to The Simpsons!
(My sister is so cool with the powers of film and ticket getting :))

now all i needs me is a date :)

Monday, July 23, 2007


Why are the great girls taken already?
HP7 isn't that great so far... only to chapter 5 though...
tired, slept for 3 hours barely, but beer is good :)
i'mma gonna be productive at work today... right.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Be Foolish...

broke a window with my fist
blood was spilled
hurts a bit

but now i know this to be true,
pounding on glass gets to you.

to make a long story short:
there was a door, it was the emergency door in my building, its made of 2 glass sections surrounded by a metal frame. it has an annoying auto lock mechanism, that shouldn't be there... me and Füer were on the wrong end, so i tried pulling on the door, nothing budged.. so i decided to knock on the glass, get some attention so that someone will open it for me... i proceed to knock and upon first contact with my fist, the glass pane broke and scattered, leaving me shocked.
i have a few cuts here and there, one looks serious and the rest are simple scratches...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

can i get that to go?

well first of all, i did say i'd do something last post and i do keep my word mostly:
this is the impossible parking space that had Zvi annoyed -

(my car is the gray Daewoo Racer, his is the Fiat Uno)
it really is impossible to park :)
my week was intense - I've learnt a lot about the project i'm in, and how much of an important part i get to play in it, no pressure :).
then, on thursday - at 8:30 there was a conference about my center, it lasted till 1:20, at which time i left towards haifa, in what can only be described as cattle carts as a cheap substitute for a train cart. it was horrible - riding 2 hours on a slow jam packed train, and then exchanging that for a packed bus for an hour when i could've done the same in an hour and change driving in my car... but it was worth it, i spent the rest of the day with Julia, we saw a movie(Shrek the Third) and had fun, she even cooked dinner(pasta :))... her mom was very nice to me, a lot more than usual, it was semi strange, she was very glad to see me... we aren't dating, yet i dunno what our status is, all i know is that i don't want to rush things with her, because usually it turns out very very bad. i'm gonna see this one through :)
then i had the same 3 hours drive back because i wanted to go to a party a friend of mine was throwing, it was so-so, not much of a party, partly because i was driving and couldn't drink, partly because it ended like an hour and a half after i arrived and partly because it didn't compare to the day i had... but i did get to see a lot of people whom i haven't seen in a long time. it felt nice to catch up with them...

sometimes i feel that i don't fit in with the crowd i hang out with... i'm 24, yet i hang around with 19~20 year olds mostly, and i sometimes watch from the side, pondering if this is the place i really want to be, i mean it's only 5 years a gap, but it is a huge cultural difference for me, usually i ponder until i do something that i know my regular(same aged) friends wouldn't normally do, and enjoy it. Friday was one of those days :)
Water Wars 3 in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv...
it was a hot Friday, i wasn't really sure i wanted to go, so i started making excuses why i couldn't come, then it hit me, i had nothing better to do so why the fuck was i cowering? i went, hesitant at first, then i gave up to myself, and went all for it... i was surprised to see people i knew, some of which a bit older(26) getting ready for the fight... all armed with super soakers. i had so much fun :)

more pictures can be found here.
then this reporter came into view, she's the Nana(a web portal in Israel). she's annoying, she isn't that funny and she covers every event resembling this one...

i always wanted to abuse her a bit :) that day i finally did it, i flipped her, literally, turned her upside down, it was very funny - and the camera crew got it on film, so i'll link it when it airs, and also Asaf took a picture of me, so when the #$%@#$ uploads the picture :)
*** Update!!! the flip! ***

then at night i went to watch Transformers, it wasn't that bad, i actually enjoyed it much. it's been a great weekend so far.
That's about it for today...
have a great week!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i seriously cant take it anymore

The whole situation with Zvi has evolved into a new level of insanity:
today, i got home, tired after a long day's work, to find the apartment committee outside talking... the head of the committee comes up to me and says that where i park isn't good because it disturbs the other tenants in the building, and that i should park in our apartment's parking space(it's a double space so 2 cars can park without any problems...) i told the head that i don't think it'll be a good idea because Zvi won't like it(he likes to park diagonal) and he said that he'll talk to Zvi about the issue...
Meanwhile - i park where they wanted, i go up, say hello to my sister(who came over - She's pregnant W00t!) and i lay to rest for a while...
then he comes up and demands that i move my car, claiming that it was impossible for him to park because it's too cramped.
keep in mind and i will probably upload a picture of the space tomorrow that he now has approx. a meter(a yard and change) between himself and my car, and another between the other side and the pillar.
a lot of yelling and insane babbling afterwards and the time is midnight... i wanted to train Nyuki for a bit, her training is going extremely well, she's almost obedient :), i don't even need to raise my voice! anyway, i start training her, and he comes up to me and says that its bothering him that i'm training her now(my mom was in the other room and didn't even know i was training her) and that i'm making too much noise.
then he claims that i have a conspiracy against him and that i'm doing all of this on purpose, deliberately causing Nyuki to look at him and follow him, and that the parking was my idea.

he's totally lost it, something is fucked up with his mind.
and the worst part about it, is that me and my mom are suffering, it's daily yelling and shouting. arguments till late at night, even when you try to ignore him, he still talks as if he's the victim and he's an angel, claiming what did i do? i never did anything, he doesn't understand that that's exactly the problem, he might not have started the problem but his unwillingness to help is the problem itself.

i dunno how much i can live with this, and my mom has also had enough, we're still looking for apartments in the area... without him.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

You are what you read...

god, the tv shows are getting dumber by the second -
a new competitive game show which checks if you're smarter than a 6'th grader.

this weekend wasn't that great... i had great plans but nothing came through.
i saw Die Hard 4.0, it wasn't bad, it was action packed and funny to boot. what really made me laugh was the credits -
Assistant to Mr. Willis.
Mr. Willis' Driver.
Mr. Willis' Chef.

what has this world come to? an actor, al be it a good one, needs to get a driver and a personal chef?

i planned to go visit a couple of friends in Haifa today, but alas, no go...
Nyuki is in heat, it's her first time and she's acting all sorts of crazy, she started playing with other dogs, and i had to physically push off a male dog that tried to mount her, at least she's clean and doesn't leave stains.

i really want to fly to the states already, i need the vacation and a month away from Israel will do me good, guess i'll have to stay strong until December.

the new team is hard, a lot to learn, and i have to be operational by August.

i guess this really isn't that big of an update, but it's been a slow month...
have a good one :|

Monday, July 02, 2007


this is something that happened a while back -
a friend of mine, Tal Shiri, showed me a video clip called Rejected, you can see it here:

anyway it's very hallucinatory and i enjoyed it...
now a week ago(on the day of the Evanescence concert) Tal, me, Kuperstein and Noga went to eat out.
well Tal showed Noga the Rejected video and i took pictures of her reactions.
you can see them here.

very funny :D

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Before i go Beddy By - This weekend's Deductions...

I Like Pie...
no wait, that's an issue for some other day...
Tarentino and Robert Rodriguez, They's Genii(plural of genius...)! i saw Deathproof and Planet Terror over the weekend and i laughed, i gasped and i laughed some more!
they truly did capture the golden era of Thriller/Horror flicks of the 70~80s. down to the burnt film!

oh! and i've uploaded the Evanescence Pictures!!!

take a look here!