Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a day of fun/one man was feared

today i spent my whole day on vacation!
that's right, no work for me :)
Julia, a friend of mine came over from Tel-Aviv(although she lives in Haifa - useless info i guess) and we just hung out all day, we went walking around Rishon, then went to Tel-Aviv, walked around some more, had fun along the way, until evening came, then we went to the pillow fight, it was so much fun...

I was feared by tens :)
Alone, working alone, i entered the arena, sweating bullets, not knowing who i was about to face, i Entered...
I feared no man, nor woman, nor child... walking alone, looking for the first hit, knowing i wouldn't be the one to start the fighting, but would be the last standing... then it came, a surprise attack from the left, a small boy, not even 12, laughing, i forgave, i grunted, he ran.

all of a sudden, 2 post-teens attacked me, i dodged, and retaliated, leaving both stunned... then carnage ensued... i was in the middle of a battle scene, jumping, dodging, hitting, running, adrenaline pumping all at once, people avoided hitting me, afraid... it was amazing. i wandered about, then i saw them, a group of teens, must've been about 30,with red bandannas, running towards the battlefield, thinking of an ambush. i ran to them, broke their lines and made half of them retreat cowardly, their leader, yelling don't fear the Reaper... he was next, i locked pillows with him, fighting as hard as i could, dodging his team as they circled me, all my tactics gone, i went berserk... distant flashes are all i remember, but the outcome was easy to spot, none stood but yours truly, all retreated and regathered. feeling weak i retired, i am powerful yet i am old.

oh and this is me and Julia:

all pictures here.
i had a great time with the pillow fight, it helped me relieve some stress that i had on me and i recommend it to anyone who has time to organize such an event :D
oh and just something from Evanescence last night:

OH Fucking Wow!

Amy Lee, Erm... Evanescence Rocked!
the show was amazingly phenomenal! too bad she lost her voice and couldn't play more!
pictures in due time, i have like 430 pictures to choose from/ delete the blurry/missed shots(i've already skimmed through and they are amazing, i'll have about 100+ great pictures!).

tomorrow is Pillow Fight Club! expect Pictures from that too!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Holy Burning Bus Batman!

today was hot... how hot? extremely.
i felt like i was melting, really...
it got so bad, that on the way back, on the freeway, a bus's engine overheated and the bus driver had to pull over and get everyone out, the bus just went up in flames, think i'm joking?

there are more pictures here.
when i first saw it i thought it was a terrorist attack, so i phoned friends and family to check it out... but then as i got closer i saw that the bus was parked on the side of the road and that no one was hurt/injured... i learned a valuable lesson about checking the engine's heat levels... also no a/c in car is bad...
in other non related news, tomorrow at this time i will be either at the end or after the Evanescence Live Performance, Here in Israel!!!
i promise to take as many pictures as i will be allowed! i'm charging my cameras and getting everything ready...
till tomorrow, night people!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cleaning and Preparing

there's a date - July first, thats when i officially move to my new job :)
till then, i officially do nothing, i help my replacement get his footing in the role. but unofficially, i'm going to lectures, learning the problems to which i will provide solutions, it's exciting...

My new Section had a "fun day" Thursday, and of course i joined in, we went to clean a part of a ridge near a beach, the place was filthy, it's almost hard to believe that people can be so careless with their trash...
i took this beautiful picture:

(if anyone wants the original, it's a really better + you can see the sailboat in the back :))
which is going to be my wallpaper for now :D
all the pictures can be found here.
so far this week was good, there was beer and stuff, next week is the Evanescence concert and i'm so looking forward to that! more to come on Tuesday/Wednesday!

that's about it for today...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One of my better days

Or so it turned out to be...
it started all wrong.. i didn't sleep a wink last night, Nyuki was upset from the fact that she was closed in a room all night, so she barked and whined. i was half dazed when i woke up, seriously in no condition to drive, but i did anyway, and without noticing it at all, ran a red light, by sheer luck and stupidity the intersection was empty...

today i informed my soldiers of my leave, explained it to them so that they could understand my side, and told them that i am not abandoning them, and that if they ever need something from me, i'm just a minute's walk away from them.
Now it's time for me to study about my new system, and what part i take in it...

We had a team night out, me and my 3 soldiers... it was very relaxing, we went to see a play(an israeli adaptation of Francis Veber's script, i think it was Tais-toi!). it was very good! i forgot how much i loved to watch plays.
i'm reminded now of Commedia_dell'arte which has to be the best form of plays i can think of...
i bought a subscription for 4 more tickets to plays and i intend on using them :)
oh well, this has turned out to be a good day, and now it's time for me to sleep...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Forgive you Stupid People!

my family is bugging me,
my brother wants me to start dating seriously, my mom wants me to get married.
my sister turned religious on us and my other sister doesn't even talk to me...
my father in all this? well he hasn't called me since about a month ago(forgot my birthday...)
now there's thoughts about buying a studio apartment, for around $60K, meaning i have to take a mortgage of about $40K, and close it within 5 years.
everything is moving way too fast for me, i'm still a kid, i don't want to grow up yet.
with that said - i know it's the smart thing to do since this investment pays about 6% of it's value a year, and after 5 years i'll own my very own piece of land.
i'm really confused.

we're moving, again... my Romanian Gypsy Genes(RGG for short) are kicking in. we haven't been able to stay in one place for more than 4 years.

Friday was nice - i went to a friend's house where she invited a few people to bring food and have dinner with, it was really nice, good cooked food(some bought - Füer: house cake). my onion casserole was a great success, second time i tried that recipe.

I discontinued my gym membership - i figured the services provided weren't worth the price paid, so now they better cancel it before i pay for another month.

tomorrow i return to reality, i have to face my soldiers face to face, and tell them that i'm abandoning them, as much as it pains me to say it, i know that no matter how i put it, that's how they'll see it - abandonment.

if anyone of you has time - go listen so some Amiram Inc.. they're really good once you give them a chance(watch the clips from their site).

i gotta start reading more.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

if things went my way, why should i be sad?

after 3 weeks, i was informed that i am moving to a different team.
all my hard work to leave my current job for another have paid off, i did it.
i'm moving on, to a better position, to a better job. why do i feel sad?
i'm leaving my soldiers behind, it's funny, i'm their boss, but i'm a lot more, or so i hope, to them - or rather they are to me.
i've seen them progress through time, they've changed, i'd like to think i changed them, made them better people, who knows?
but i am leaving them behind, after almost 2 years, i was their teammate, co-worker, boss, commander, friend.
it's hard... i feel as though i'm letting them down somehow, as if i should stay, just for them, but i know that i have to think about myself and bettering myself also.
they still don't know it yet, almost no one does, i'm trying to keep it all secret, waiting for the right moment, thinking of how to break the news to them, it's not gonna be easy especially towards a certain soldier who is very disgruntled and wanted to leave the team, and i forced him to stay, he's gonna be very mad :(
its funny, i never thought that i'd feel like this, it's strange, i guess the responsibility for my soldiers, even though absent on the surface, is still deep inside, i am more of a boss to them, i'm their Commander.

in other unrelated news - i couldn't get the tickets for Iggy Pop's performance and my new camera is malfunctioning - the zoom axis isn't responding. my brother and his friends are still going to the Iggy Pop show.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

and i wonder how i stay sane...

This is my daily routine:
i get up at around 5:30... walk the dog, go to the gym.
return home at around 7:45, return to the yelling in the house, and the arguments...
walk the dog again and leave for work at 8:30...
arrive at work at around 9:20, do my job, which i ain't satisfied in, and return home at around 7:30... i walk the dog again, and feed her, then train her for a bit and walk her again. after that ritual i'm left at around 10 pm, where i read e-mails and catch up on global events, whilst ignoring the arguments around me once more, until 11:30, then i fall asleep and so on and so forth...
i get up to the sound of my mom's voice yelling at me to get up and take care of the dog... then do some chores around the house, and try to dodge my mom and Zvi until it's time for bed.

all in all my life is pretty hectic and i seriously don't know how much more of this i can handle.. i'm seriously planning on moving out in the next 3 months or so.

but that's my normal day to day schedule, let me tell you about my extra special weekend:
a friend's father passed away thursday, i went to visit his family, and i get home to the yelling of my mom telling me that i didn't take care of the dog and she shat in the living room. friday my computer chair broke: i'm sitting on my bed right now, it isn't that comfortable as they claim it is. and we went out to play pool friday night(some pics :)).
today i woke up to the yelling and couldn't take it anymore, i just took Nyuki on her leash and i drove to the sand dunes near my city... i just let her off her leash and let her run as far and as long as she wanted... after about an hour or so in the sun she calmed down and we played for a bit... then i had to return home, but it was much quieter...
right now i'm clearing out a lot of my old stuff...throwing everything i don't need to the trash(i've gathered a lot of useless stuff over the years)...

next Wednesday(the 20'th) is the army's deadline for their plans with me... if i don't get an answer by then i'm starting an Italian strike(come, do nothing, go home).

ooh, i might be taking a cruise to Cyprus, Napa Islands and Turkey(5 days) it's really cheap and i do need the vacation.

i've started to cook for myself lately, it's very satisfying, not to mention a very important skill i'll need when i move out.

that's all for now, more updates in a few days.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ahh the fun times...

I got a hair cut... my usual...
the barber says to me - your hair, it is thinning out... you're getting bald...
fun fun... not what i wanted to hear.
my father's bald, he lost most of his hair back when he was 18'ish. i still have my hair, but not for long i think, might be bald by 30.
my birthday was pretty fun. i got a shirt from my sister and a globe puzzle from my friends(it's really cool!) and i bought myself a new camera- the Panasonic DMC FX-50, i really like this camera, it's pretty slim and compact, and it has a massive 3 inch screen, hopefully it'll do its job right :)
as far as the weekend went, it was nice, my niece enjoyed her birthday party and the food... i enjoyed the lack of attention towards me, all in all it was good.
i've started cooking my own lunch to work(instead of eating the army food) and i gotta say, i'm a darn good cook :)

i started thinking about my life again, that never goes well... seems i can't hold in a relationship with girls for more than 2~3 weeks, a month and a half tops, there was one that lasted 3 months but that's it... but i do think i'm ready for a serious relationship now, i've had my fill of one nighters...

Saturday night was a weird time for me - 4 years go i had a crush on this girl, Maya... she finished her service and i never got a chance to ask her out... about 2 weeks ago i saw her at the base again and she told me she's back for another 3 months. Thursday she e-mails me at work and invites me to her birthday party in Jerusalem, i jump on the opportunity and say yes, now it's Saturday night, and i'm driving on a road i never drove before, all for this girl, who i have no idea how she feels about me. i took a wrong turn and ended up in a (semi)hostile Arab village... scared for my life i find the first possible U-turn and head back, but i finally found the place the party was at... i go in, and there were like 50 of her friends. somehow i successfully got to talk to her alone outside.
i tried asking her out, but couldn't find the words... just as i was about to ask her finally, she gets a call, from her boyfriend... her ex-ex-boyfriend, they made up that day. that was not a pleasant moment for me.

oooh and Nyuki has started her training lessons, she had her first lesson on sunday and today i did the homework, she's studying sit, lay down, stop and don't touch... she is very stubborn but i'm getting through to her :)