Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's been a crazy day...

between losing my cellphone, doubting my existence, going to the beach, finding a trainer for my dog, Gym+the last episode of heroes and loads of other things, i've had a very mixed day.
i even brought Nyuki to the base today, all in all it's been one of my better days so i guess i'll tell you Sunday's embarrassment:
Saturday evening i downloaded the last Heroes Episode... all goes well and i uploaded it to the IPod(without looking at it first) i get up on Sunday morning, take my IPod, grab my clothes and head for the gym. i get to the gym, my trainer is there and wants to watch me run... i setup the IPod on the shelf, max the volume, program my run into the machine, and start running, then i pushed play.
now, i don't know why people do this but instead of my Heroes Episode, i get a porno movie, and no, not from the beginning... oh no, that would've been safer, i get it smack dab in the middle, with various grunts and bodily sounds booming out of the headphones, needless to say that it attracted a crowd very fast, and the comment i got from my trainer was pretty funny(i guess everyone has his own inspiration :))
when i realized what had happened, like 10 seconds for my brain to actually calculate what my eyes saw and what my ears heard... i just stopped the running track and fell down laughing my head off.... it took me 5 minutes to be able to start running again :D

oh well, have a great night/afternoon!

Monday, May 28, 2007

and it seemed like a great day...

yet ugliness reared its head once more...
i worked today, i really did, i somehow got the wind back in my sails, i enjoyed myself, but then i got home, as soon as i set my foot in the house, well even before it happened, i wanted to park, but no, some cock sucking asshole decided to park his van like a whore, in the middle of the drive way, blocking some cars(and my parking spot) so i very calmly left him a note... i was in a good mood.
i got home, and my mom started yelling at me, she wanted the dog out, she's had enough, and she was serious...
as much as i love Nyuki i love my mom even more, and i prefer her happiness to mine, i was about to either give up the dog or move out... both options were harsh, after some talking and yelling about irrelevant issues, and a council with my sister and brother, we reached an agreement to get the dog properly trained(with a personal trainer no less). that was the big argument, the little one was about an hour afterwards, i went out with Nyuki and left the light on in my room(we're talking about an halogen light, an hour's use is like 10 cents), and Zvi comes to me, while my sister and her husband are visiting, and says "i don't usually do this, but this is the 9'th time you've left the light on in your room this month". i just lost it, i couldn't even take that seriously, he forgets the light/tv/boiler on for hours and he complains that i left a fucking light? i just let him have it then and there. told him how much of a pretentious self righteous jerkoff he was, how he had the gull to even talk to me about that, when my family was here. he then said something that pissed me off so much i just lost it - he told me that he has the right to do that, because he pays half the bills, and claims he pays part of my usage, and that I'm living there on charity. i couldn't take it anymore, i told him that his electrical usage is at least the same as mine and my mother's combined, since we're home like 10 hours a day and he's there 24/7(he's retired and too fucking lazy to find a job). i told him that in a whim i could pay his part of the bill and kick him the fuck out of the house, that my mother doesn't need anyone who stays most of his day sitting in an half room, glued to the news and the internet(and his various supply of porn sites, ewww). anyway i continued to tell him that its sad he feels inadequate around me, and needs to reassure himself that he's better than me, a 59 year old intimidated by a 24 year old.
anyway, we're not on speaking terms beginning today, yay!

i got my Evanescence tickets today, the show is in a month, and i'm gonna so fucking enjoy it!

so tomorrow we're seeing the trainer, and we'll see how things go from there.

i'm not in the mood for fun stuff, although i have a great embarrassing story, which will have to wait.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

one week, 7 days...

That's how long i have, until this 23rd year is over... on Saturday, June 2nd, i'm gonna celebrate my 24th Birthday...

a lot of things happened to me this past year, good and bad.
it's a funny thing, you always remember the bad stuff that happen, but the good stuff are always a distant fading memory. this year had some lasting impressions on me, it's funny to think that such a mundane year(23rd birthday isn't that special, unlike 21 or 18...) really shaped my life differently than i had viewed it before.
But I am gonna make the most out of the rest of my 23rd year - i'm gonna recall all the good things that happened to me and around me :)
these aren't in any particular order and one thought isn't better than the other...

Today's Happy Memory has to be - Greece and Pearl Jam:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

looking for a Camera...

and here's where you all come in,
i'm looking for a decent point and shoot camera, my demands are quite simple:
  • small and pocket sized(for those who haven't seen my camera, it's big and not really built for instant pictures).
  • at least x4 optical zoom, i prefer x6 and higher but x4 is good also.
  • something along the 200~350$ price range.
advice is welcomed :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Familiar Plot...

this week is sure off to an interesting start...
I Talked with my Section Leader on Sunday, told him i was unhappy, told him where i think he did wrong, asked to be fired. i can't quit, i wont get the benefits, so i asked to be fired. he denied my request, said that if he let me quit, it would mean him admitting failure, something he's too proud to do.
so i asked for a new job, away from the current one, somewhere that might interest me more. after about 20 minutes of talking he told me that in 4 weeks he'll have answers for me, on places that i could go, but there's a catch, i might be required to sign on even more time. it's a deal i can live with especially if i get a good job(which is the main condition for the whole story anyway).
now i patiently wait the verdict...

Last night my brother(Gil) got married, and i wasn't as drunk as when my sister got married. i didn't bring a camera to his wedding so pictures will take some time, but there are great ones.
their wedding was in a place viewing the sea, and was done magnificently, my uncle's band played(yes my uncle has a wedding band) and after that my brother's friend d.j.'ed the younger(30+) crowd. all in all it was a great wedding, my brother got so drunk he started doing silly things, such as trying to dance with a glass on his head, and even going into the sea to cool off, eventually the security guard walked the newly wed to their home(which was a 5 minute walk from the wedding hall), all the while guarding the bag with the checks. at the end my brother wanted to give him the bag with the checks but was talked into his senses by his new wife(Limor). they made out with a nice profit from the wedding, about $15,000.
To my dismay, now every one of my siblings has had a wedding, guess who they'll pick on now?

on a sad note - my sunglasses passed away last night, fell from the 3'rd floor and the lens shattered. i'll have to buy some this week.

i just remembered that i haven't given the 3 key quotes from the Taglit-Birthright trip as spoken by Ran, so here they are:
in third place-
(talking about the fence that divides the west bank from israel)
Ran(the tour Guide):once this fence was a regular fence, but israel had to build a Solid concrete fence because the arabs kept shitting over the fence.

Ran:shooting, not shitting!

second place-
(while swimming in the david stream, some girl was cut from a crab)
Girl: i cut myself, what is it???
Ran: oh it's probably cancer(the hebrew word for crab is also the word for cancer).

Ran: erm, Crab, Not cancer, yet.

and the first place goes to:
(while eating dinner on the last night)
Michelle(an american): do people always hook up on these trips? because my cousin was on this trip a year ago and only 2 people hooked up.
Ran: No, this is a regular whorehouse.

i've been thinking of my life for now - i'm gonna try my luck and gonna sign up to study to be a Guide, the type that shows people around israel, it's pricey, but it's something i've always wanted to do, it's a year of studying, and i'm checking if i can do it while in the army, that way it wont bother with my dreams to become a vet :D
that's all for now, have a great Shavuot! eat plenty of cheese!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Time to Talk of Taglit and of merry Things

the past 2 weeks, starting tuesday may 8'th and up until tonight were part of the best thing that happened to me this year...

i didn't know what i stepped into when i signed up for this, yeah it was a vacation, 5 days, payed vacation. but it was very intense, i dealt with real people, some older than me(25+) this group was a 22+ group, most of them were after college, some were engaged, 2 married. we had doctors and lawyers, cashiers and druggies, every person filled with a rich life story, everyone more interesting than the other, non of them had a fixed impression on Israel, most didn't know what to expect, but they all came in with an open mind, and there i was, one of the 8 soldiers that had to give this group of 40 people our look on Israel, to them we were representatives of the army, we had the answers to those burning questions, the recent war, Israel's policies, the attacks on Palestinians and much much more... but here we were, a couple of 21 year olds(i was the exception 24) it seemed surreal, disconnected from the world, the whole ordeal. amongst that i found a girl, Nicole, she was great, she and i had a great time. we all spent 5 great days all around Israel, starting from the dead sea and working our way through Tel-Aviv and the Golan Heights and finally finishing our journey near Jerusalem. that was Saturday night, when most of them returned home, back to the states, but a few stayed... 5 people. Vladimir, Steve, Ruth, Jeremy And Nicole. I had to go back to work, Sunday, i didn't know how to handle it, returning to the life that i had gotten used to, i couldn't just yet, i took out some sick days, for Sunday and Monday. i lied about being sick, just so i could get some more days with those people, people who i've only known for less than a week, yet felt responsible for their stay here, felt that i need to share with them a bit more. i wanted to be near them, i enjoyed so much my brief time speaking English only, living a free life. Ruth and Nicole flew Monday night, i saw them to the airport. i hung out with Jeremy and Vladimir the rest of the week, and today i saw them too to the airport, with their flight, left the last reason for me not to return to work, left me to return to my old ways, but i still defy it, i don't want to return just yet. this year i'm flying to the us, for longer, i'm gonna see more parts of the us, visit my new friends. this week is gonna be a short one - with my brother's wedding on Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday being a holiday.things will go better, i hope.
there are pictures of course:
here and here.

i'm rambling on i guess so i'll stop, have a great week y'all.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Wish...

i wish i could tell you all about the wonderful time i had in Taglit-Birthright,
i really do, because i did have a great time... but all that seems as a distant memory.
i couldn't even return to work anymore, couldn't concentrate.
i didn't want the vacation to end, i couldn't stand going back, back to a crappy job, back to everything i finally forgot... just came back again, unwillingly i made my way back to the office, the same office i always went to.
things are changing, i'm being de-promoted... a new position doing something i can't even connect to...
so i got bitter. and i complained, and i yelled at the bosses, gave them a piece of my mind.
only after that did i get noticed... only after that did the human resource lady notice me, ask how i was, initiate a meeting with me, that meeting was today, i explained how much i suffered in my job, how hard it was to do what i do, for the period of time i did, how i got stepped on at every turn, yet managed to make the best out of it, how i had to motivate my subordinates 2~3 times a week... but mostly on how tired i was, mentally & physically. that talk probably didn't do any good, the place is set in it's ways and i can't do anything but play the pawn in this cursed game of chess. i will be meeting with the head of the section soon, he apparently wants to hear what i have to say, which is pretty funny because i have a lot of things he needs to hear.
all this goes on in the army front, but what of at home? is there any salvation there?
what do i ask for? some quiet time when i return home, a chance to rest my ears from the chaos that ensues my life, but what do i get the first second i get home? yells, more yells, complaints, you aren't this, you shouldn't that, blah blah blah... i seriously thought about moving out, just leaving and starting on my own...
it isn't that easy so it seems.
Then again - were it easy, would it be worth it?

i tried staying away from my friends this past week, just trying to clear my thoughts, think clearly, what i found was that i miss them, they are a part of me and i need them close.
i might post my experience with the Taglit-Birthright this weekend...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ba Hah hah hah ha!!!

this is just too funny :)

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blink blink :D

The Second Explosion

Been meaning to write an entry for a while now, but nothing compelled me to do so until tonight...
but before i continue to the main event, let's take a look at what my life's been like for the last week or so -
I got transferred, or rather a pro-demotion(got promoted to a suckier job...)
got shafted on my paycheck(for the past half year i've received a lower paycheck than i should have) went to the party at Noa's, and said something foolish there, and i am sorry Noa :(. i've decided to distance myself from my friends, trying to concentrate on myself only(no luck there), got shat on again by my bosses, going through the phases of suing the army for breach of contract.
ooh and there were highlights! got to test certain people for the birthright project(i tested their English skills - one word about mine and i'll come to your house and beat you :D) and tomorrow i go to the birthright project - 5 days of rest, relaxation and English - oooh and girls :)...

soo what of this new explosion i mentioned?

today Zvi called me saying he's had it up to here(points to forehead) with the dog and he has to do something about it... i ignore his pleas, partly because they are blank, partly because i was at work.
i come back home - he starts lecturing me, but today i'm happy, i've got no mood for this :) so i say, you do what you want to do, and we'll see of the consequences later, he goes on to tell me that he talked to his lawyer(FTW???) who said that since i didn't own the dog prior to him moving in with us, he has legal right to kick the dog out... i found that as total bull so i played along with it - i said you do whatever you feel is right. then he said that the lease on this apartment doesn't allow dogs and he'll call the owner, who will force the dog out. i knew that to be total and udder bullshit since the owner lived here with a dog prior to our moving here and from the contract that i saw there was no mention of no animals allowed, so i confronted him to his lie, and he said that he only thought it was like that because the last apt we were in had the no pets clause.
anyway i told him he has 3 options:
1) he learns to live with the dog, and i am willing to make compromises.
2) he takes the dog away, and i go with the dog.
3) he leaves.
to that he said that he'll talk to my mom about the ultimatum and he added that i'm putting my mom in a hard place having to choose either him or me, so i said, that had he chosen to compromise things would've been different, so he has no right to blame me on the situation...

meanwhile i talked to my mom who's on my side(naturally) and we'll see how this thing plays out... meanwhile i'm gonna be away for 5 days and the dog is going to live with my sister in her villa.

all in all i'm pretty dazed.
need to finish packing for tomorrow :D

Friday, May 04, 2007

I == Fail

i didn't get the minimum score i needed on the Psychometry test in order to get accepted.