Monday, April 30, 2007

My Life's Boring

I really need to get drunk...
I'm in that perfect mood, the one where you know you need the drink.
Tuesday(next week) I'm gonna be off with some 40 20+ y/o's from America to a trip around Israel's fair landscape... 5 days of Rest and Relaxation, with me being who i am, and not who i act.
I'm looking forward to it :D

i need to get intoxicated, soon.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Physically, Mentally & Emotionally Exhausted.
I'm tired, i have no strength left within me.
i spent Thursday and Friday just sleeping, sleeping a lot(19 hours).
There have been constant bombardments upon me, both from my family and from work, everyone expecting me to be more than i am, but i can't no matter how i try, i just get sick of it...

the week itself had some bright interludes:
* Independence Day here in Israel brought some happiness - firstly i spent the night before with some friends at one of their houses, we BBQ'd and gave our usual stories(two new were born, one of me lying in a hammock and getting shat on by a bird - yep, that was unpleasant. the other - one of my friends got shitfaced for the first time, it was extremely funny!).
on the morning after, i went to a totally other set of friends to have a BBQ again :D lots of Meat is good. I met up with J whom I'm not really sure about our relationship as of yet, she wants to stay friends, and i honor that, but she sometimes gives subtle hints, i dunno.
* i went to this meeting regarding the Birthright(see 2 posts ago) project, it was really interesting, turns out the group I'm going with is exactly my age(more or less), which is fantastic.

I really don't have any power to talk to anyone, don't feel like sharing what i feel, really don't have the patience for people and i try to be nice to everyone, even though i hate myself for doing so.

next week is gonna be a long one, i have to deal with people i don't like about subjects i really could give a damn about, in order to accomplish something that i don't see the point of doing. oh yeah and to top it all, my grandmother's memorial is on Thursday, that and Noa's Kumzitz(campfire event) thing(which i really want to go to, but really don't have the will to drive there).

what i really need now is a good long sleep...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not Dead Yet...

just really not in the mood to post something...
big post might be around the corner, then again it might not...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Odds and Ends

i didn't sleep for 36 hours, too worried about future stuff, work related, it will kill me in the end.
i'm under a lot of stress, i can feel it, pounding away at the last remaining fragments of my sanity, each day i lose a little more to the madness...

other than that, i try to regain more fragments of my former self, I've signed up at the Gym next to my house, gonna go there daily, relieve some of the frustration and come out rejuvenated.

not all things are bad... i've gotten accepted into the Birthright Program(a program that brings Jewish youths worldwide to Israel, to experience the land, try to connect them to their heritage) as a guide, actually as a commanding guide, i will have 7 other soldiers under me. it's something i look forward to extremely.

the war continues at home, nothing new there...

i need some serious sleep sessions, i barely have time to read my mail, let alone post or comment, so i'm truly sorry if you're awaiting replies from me.

i need sleep and something to relieve stress, advice is welcomed, massages are extremely welcomed :D

Friday, April 13, 2007

el coche de la muerte and other things...

lend me your ears whilst i tell you a story, a story of great sadness, of a betrayal, of lies and treacheries.. or something like that.

it all began last night, for you see, a friend of mine had her mind set on throwing a party since last night, at the toll of midnight, the date would be Friday the 13th. besides, she was released from the army and wanted to commemorate the occasion. it should be pointed out that last time she threw a party, i was involved in a car accident on the way to her house, i should've taken that as a sign. so i drove, picked up some fellow travelers on the way and went to a local gas station to fill up before the long drive.

i go to the full service pumps, as i usually do, and hand my credit card and my car keys to the man in the gas station suit. he starts pumping and finally he finishes. he hands me my key... well part of it anyway.

the main key was broken, the bottom half, nowhere to be seen... i get out of the car and start the long argument on the fact that i cant drive now because the imbecile worker broke my car key...
he starts saying that i handed him the key that way, and that he never saw the whole key, to which i replied that i couldn't have gotten there with a broken key, now could i? i'll skip the long arguments, the name calling and the blame throwing. lets take a break from all that and open a new storyline.

remember the big explosion? well the aftermath was quiet shocking - my mom gave Zvi an ultimatum, she was quite fed up with his behavior(in general, nothing specific). guess how he reacted? a total 150(not a 180, since he still doesn't like the dog) and he started being nice to me, wanting me on his side, rather wanting to be on my good side.
back to the main story -
so here i am, stuck there without any way to get out... i call home and ask my mom to search for the spare key, guess who volunteers to bring it to me? Zvi to the rescue.
in the end, after an hour and a half in the gas station, i finally get to go to the party, it was quite fun.
returned home at 4:30~ish, and fell asleep. woke up at 8 to a heavy licking on the face from Nyuki and took her out, i survived the better part of the day but at around 3, i had a system failure and passed out on my bed.

i just recently woke up, and now i need to start planning my Friday night, if you've made it this far, congratulations, have you a good weekend :D

oh and about the title - i hope it means "the car of death", my Spanish isn't very good.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blame Jillian for this...

she made me do this, i didn't read the whole list before i replied to her.
Reply to this and I will:

1)Tell you why I friended you.
2)Associate you with a song/movie.
3)Tell a random fact about you.
4)Tell my first memory of you.
5)Associate you with an animal/fruit.
6)Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7)In return, you MUST should spread this disease in your Blog (disease = meme!)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Post Holiday Status Report...

no single strand of thought, just a big mesh of things...
this holiday i was feeling distant, didn't want nor need anything from anyone, just wanted to be left alone, quiet, peaceful lonesome. yet i did the family stuff, had the traditional dinner and stuff.

despite my longing for solitude, i went Thursday night to a friends house - met up with old friends and tried to play a little star wars drinking game(i have to admit this - i never saw the original trilogy, well not from beginning to end, watched parts of it here and there). Passover has it's pros when it comes to food, starting with Mazta in eggs, and Kneidelach, all the way through Matza with chocolate paste... but one of its major problems is that there isn't any decent alcohol to be drank when you're trying to keep kosher... Beer and Whiskey are out of the question, all you're left with is some type of cheap Vodka and wine, and i don't drink wine. so there they were, most of my friends, drinking beer, me and some other drinking kosher(he opted for the wine, i went for the vodka)... and on top of it, i couldn't drink that much because i had to drive back home...
Friday i went on a trip to Yagur Stream(near Haifa) along with 16 other people and 2 other dogs, it was a lot of fun, although i was still in a weird mood, Nyuki was doing her part and using her Siberian Husk instincts and dragged me to the front of the pack, leading the way along the trail... she got some great photos, and brand new admirers :D

all the pictures can be found here.
i spent saturday resting, recovering, it was a fun trip, but 7 hours' walk isn't kind on my knees(and the mosquitoes were deadly as well, i got big red spots on my legs)...
last night i was with family at my grandfather's house, i really admire my grandfather, he's a great man and his stories are amazing, all the way from his escape from the holocaust, during his army service here in Israel and still now.
anyway, i need to rest a bit, have a great week.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Passover Cleaning!

Aaah Spring, Passover, Time to clean up some of the things that needed cleaning :D
like what you say? not in the order of importance:
firstly - i just finished sorting and organizing my music library, i went song after song, album after album, checking that each song was correctly labeled under the right artist and in the right album(including adding the album cover picture - yeah i'm a nut with a lot of free time on my hands), deleting the crap that i used to listen to when i had bad taste...
adding new songs along the way, took me 3 separate sessions to finish the whole library, but now it's nice and organized, proudly standing at 15GB, and now on my ipod :D
secondly - my car, i cleaned it again, thoroughly this time, removing the chairs and checking every nook and cranny(found almost 10 shekels in spare coins!) and you know what else i found? my middle seatbelt!!! yeah, it sounds stupid, but ever since i got my car i always thought it didn't have one, turns out it was just resting there, underneath the seat cushion, No More 100 pound stones in my car again!
i also installed the new radio into my car, bought new speakers, and now i can finally enjoy quality-ish sound!
thirdly - Nyuki, she got the bath of the century, she still hates me because of it, but now she smells like flowers, or at least some sort of plant thingy.
on a sad note - my vacation ends tomorrow - i have to go to work, dunno for how long(i might have to sleep there...) but hopefully my vacation will continue next week.
so it's off to bed for me :(
night people.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Holiday!

Just a Quick post -
Wishing you and yours a Happy and Kosher Passover
(Or Easter... whichever you celebrate :D)
oh, and this made me laugh uncontrollably today:

if you dont get it, watch the apple ads.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Update or how to write a short story about test taking and stuff...

1'st of April, a great day for pranks, and a test...
Yeah, the Psycho thing was today, 8 chapters, each with 25~30 questions, each timed at 25 minutes... you can't go back or forward with your spare minutes, you have to wallow in the current chapter's questions...
it started, i got hit with 30 Hebrew questions, it might sound easy, but i only learnt proper Hebrew at the age of 12, and i'm not that good in the language.
i was let out a sigh of relief as the next chapter was an English one - 29 questions, i finished it in 15 minutes, had 10 minutes to go for a quick trip to the bathroom and drink some water.
3'rd chapter - Math, i guessed some questions here and there, but i knew most of the answers, at least i hope i did... 4'th chapter - half way through... English, another easy breezy chapter 29 questions, 15 minute break this time... used it to clear my head a bit - there are 2 of each subject and 2 pilot tests that can be one of each subject... i finished 2 english, if all goes bad - i'll have 2 more Hebrew and 2 more Math... 5'th Chapter starts - Math again, 25 questions, i start to tremble lightly, my lollipop(don't mock me! lollipops are great for long tests!) stash is abused, started with 10 and i'm down to 7, i finish the math chapter and with a sigh find that the next chapter is...
English, again, i lucked out, or did i? 3 English chapters - that isn't good, i know i'll get max points on English tests, so i prefer the pilot be Math and Hebrew, but no matter - another 10 minute break, i go to the bathroom again, rest my eyes and think - i know that if the next chapter isn't Hebrew then the last one will be, and none will be pilot tests, Oi Vei...
into the 7'th chapter - Hebrew, my hopes were lost, i had no idea what the next chapter would be, but it wouldn't be English, and here i thought i'd have a few moments of rest into the final test... another 30 questions roll by very fast, one more question to answer before i finish the chapter, i know this one! it's easy, but time's past, and i had to pencil in the answer circlet... i was stressed, i missed the circle, no turning back now... i lost that question.
finally the last chapter arrives, will it be Math? to save me from my doom? no...
the Fates were devilishly evil and gave me Hebrew for my last test - another 30 questions, to land the final blow upon my tired brain, i gathered up the rest of my power - 4 lollipops left... i'm gonna make it, i finished the last test, never looked back. all in all i did 227 questions, in a timespan of 200 minutes. my brain hurting, i returned to the base, a semi victorious smile on my face, tired from the day, i started to work...

i crashed 3 hours later, no lunch, no dinner, just a strong will to return home and go to bed.
Family was home, no rest for me... but the slumber which i'll have tonight is a glorious one.

in other news - i'm pretty impressed with the internet shopping service i got, yesterday(i ordered on a late Saturday night - no business is open at that time) i bought a new car radio(finally with aux in!) and today i received said radio, 1 day service, that's impressive!
and in Nyuki news - I'm still pissed at Zvi, he knows it, and he has remained quiet, never once mentioned the whole incident, i think they laughed at his claims and he has nothing to lean on, so he prefers to let the issue die out, you know what? I'm not gonna let that happen, it might be arrogant of me to do so, but I'm gonna remind him any chance i get, this is one argument he isn't coming out of clean.

wow, long post today :D let me know if you liked the test story, i tried to tap into my creative side for it...