Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Explosion...

Took it's while but it got here...
i'll get to the story soon enough, but first, meet the cast:
My Mom.
Zvi - My mother's Life partner.
Nyuki - The adorable doggie.
Me - Your faithful servant.
we begin with a little prelude to the main story:
Zvi has been living with us for about 11 years, he's a retired cop, and a retired smoker.
before he retired he lived a full healthy life, working, coming home, eating, smoking - normal day to day stuff. after his retirement he became the shadow he is now - he stays home all day, on the internet, reading and sending spam mail(and watching porn - very disturbing), eats mainly cake and bread - an "ogre" if you must.
this angers my mom, who hates the fact that he let himself go, staying closed in his room all day long, almost never gives her any attention(believe me there were a lot of fights on that issue, it has gotten to the state that she really doesn't care whether he stays or leaves).
and now the main story, as it unfolds...
prior to bringing Nyuki to our house, i consulted with him, as he does pay half the bills, if i can bring a dog home, to which he replied - ok, as long as he doesn't have to take care of her, which i assured him that it wouldn't happen, as i came up with a schedule that involves only me and my mother taking care of her.
fast forward 2 weeks - the dog came, and as puppies go, she shat and peed in the house, for she didn't know better and couldn't be brought outside because she was too young(needed to get the vaccines and all). i told him that i know she does her business in the house now, but after her vaccines i will start taking her out and educate her on where to poop. meanwhile she learnt to do most of her movements on the paper. He objected to the fact that she should be let to walk freely in the house and as a result he locks her up in my room whenever he's the only one home.
fast forward a month - she started going out, i told him that it will take time but that he should notice a decrease in the times she does things indoors. he said he'll wait and see.
fast forward to today - she's nearly house broken, aside from the few slips here and there, she does most of her business outside... yesterday came the explosion - apparently he doesn't like the fact that she's walking behind him(kuku?), her smell and going into his room. today i confronted with me about it - so i told him off, nicely - i said i put up with his smoking and stenching of the house for all the years he lived with us, and never once did i tell my mom it's either him or me. i said that the least he can do is show some tolerance and withstand her until she learns to control herself. after that he threatened to use physical violence if she entered his room, to which i replied that if i sense any abuse on her I'll call the cops and file a complaint on abuse towards animals on him, which is a serious offense. then he pulled out his seemingly triumph card -"I Pay the Rent here! i have a word if the dog stays or leaves!", i was awaiting this call, knowing I'd have full support from my mother, who really doesn't care if he stays or leaves, and i said, if that's how you feel then stop paying the rent, i can cover your part without any hassle. i also said that i'm not gonna kick you out of the house, you can keep living here. He replied with "you're comparing me to a dog? you're gonna treat me like one?" i said that he was comparing himself to a dog, i prefer not to make that comparison(even dogs don't deserve it :D). long story short, he said he'll make the dog's stay as unpleasant as he can, and i said that if i spot any form of abuse, i'll call the cops, and in what i can almost positively say stupid move, he said i'll do you better, i'm calling them right now!
nearing the end:
my mom and the dog were outside, while i was trying to study, he phoned the cops, so i naturally went outside and told my mom of the development, and she said something on the lines of "this might finally be it, he might finally leave the house"(my mom doesn't want to kick him out, she wants him to leave on his own decision). we continued walking the dog, and about 10 minutes later he comes out saying victoriously - "i've contacted the cops, they sent me to the contact Zahar Ba'alei Chaim"(the equivilant of ASPCA). "i'm a law abiding citizen, tomorrow i will call them and they will decide to revoke your dog raising license"(WTF? i never knew i had one). I told him big words, baby's mouth, he went back home. i wonder what will happen if he does call them, the dog is well cared for, she's on constant visits to the vet, goes out 3~6 times a day, and the only source of abuse to her is Zvi, who threatens to hit her and locks her up in a room... i seriously think that his plan will backfire, severely. anyway, i'm not gonna let anyone take Nyuki from me, and my mom is siding with me, so that in the worse case, i'll say something like - i'm moving out and she'll say that she will join me(her words). as things are looking now, i doubt Zvi will be living with us for long.

there is a lot more to this story that i didn't tell, like about some of the arguments Zvi and my mom had, that almost resulted in him leaving, but she forgave him, and other stuff, but that is the gist of it.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Movie Review Time!

weeee! what fun!
today i went with Noa to see The Fountain.
the movie stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.
i still don't know how to classify this movie, since throughout the whole movie i was thinking, trying to understand it, it's not an easy going movie, that's for sure...
the characters are real, you can feel the emotion, the world is fictitious... the time line - past, present and future, they all come as one, mashed at the beginning, but spanned beautifully throughout the experience. at the end of the movie, the first thing i said was wow.

Seriously though, don't expect to come out of the movie understanding everything, a lot of it is philosophical views, and for the most part, you figure the connections on your own, which, for my taste, was very satisfying, i think it's a must movie for people who like philosophical questions, it isn't long - an hour and a half. if you do/did watch it, tell me what you thought of it :D

night night...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Celebrity Lookalikes:

Don't ask... i was forced to do this...


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wordy Rappinghood...

I must've read like over 1000 words today, some are new to me, I hate studying....
"...Rare words and swear words, good words and bad words..."
oh pooh...
I have like 7 letters left to study, i want to die.
*Brain Explodes*

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just a quick post...

after seeing Ghost Rider i gotta say, Nicolas Cage is an amazing Actor! he has this calm insanity to him and he got to portray it in the movie, the scene where he first transforms into the CGI known as Ghost Rider was amazing, a mix of Agony and sheer Excitement as he burns away, releasing his inner insanity, it was really one of the best scenes i've seen in a while, the movie itself was pretty generic, though.
you can see what i mean here (the scene itself shows a man's flesh burning away, so viewer discretion is advised):

anyway that's all i had to say about that...
back to cleaning the house, cleaning my dog and cleaning myself....
(out damn spot!)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Contemplating Behaviors...

The Party last night was interesting to say the least...
got to meet Noa's "other" friends, some struck me as interesting, very interesting whilst others struck me as, for lack of better words, extremely dull and generic.
But I am not one to judge(nor do i feel it's right to).
i had some fun at the party, but mostly it answered some things i had on my mind.
As usual there are pics, like these:

and they are found here.

As to other News...
A friend of mine is starting to buy furniture for his new apt. he's moving out of his parent's home and into a basement apt in the area(it's still his parent's place but he's paying rent and there is a different entrance) anyway... he's going to spend like 10,000 dollars on stuff(new sofas and a bed, a home theater and such) i thought he's crazy for doing so, but it did make me think a bit about my life, where i want to be, i am finishing my service with the army next year, and i'm gonna be 25 without a Degree in anything, 3 years experience in programming and 3 years experience in Leading a Team, both of which don't really help me with the job i really want... so i must start taking things more seriously - I've counted my savings, apparently I'm not worth too much - i have about 10,000 dollars in savings, + 3,700 dollars in a army managed savings, that i can use for buying a place/a store/studying. besides that, i earn approx- 1,700 dollars a month, that all means that i need to stop spending so much money on stuff, and start saving 1,000 dollars a month. if i can succeed in that then i'll be able to study Biology for 3 years, with minimal work on the side, get my degree and still have enough money to live a little... I guess it's about time i got welcomed to life.

I wasn't born, lucky for me, into a wealthy family, my family has been struggling to stay barely over the poverty line, so i had to work my ass off in order to live my (slightly)expensive life... i can't forget that, and now i need to tighten my belt, and start saving in order to continue my life. life's funny like that.

thought i won't do anything tonight, just study for the psychometric test... but i was wrong... Friends of mine are going to see the Ghost Rider Movie, so i guess I'm tagging along.
have a great weekend

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It's About time i updated the picture scene, but first, some news -
I've moved, it was inevitable, the space was too small, so i had to move, Grovestreet you had served me well, gave me all the things i needed as a first site to upload pictures to, but you were too small, 100 isn't enough these days and the trouble with linking photos was unbearable...
after 5 grovestreet users it was time to expand, to grow, to Googlize...
I bring to you my Picasa Album.

amongst the pictures you will find the new St. Patrick's Day 2007 Folder, and with it, my pictures :

it was loads of fun.
anyway, that's it for now... tomorrow is Noa's Party and i'm really Happy :D
more to come on friday/saturday.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

one hella'va St. Patricks...

The time of year when everybody is a little bit Irish :D
it's a great holiday!

as per every year - we went bar hopping :D
drinking and laughing our way we started at Dublin in Rehovot... it's nice, near home and has a great selection of beer, not that it mattered - Kilkenny's my poison.
after about 2 liters and 2 chasers and 2 shirts i got my fix :D

I got drawn on, my forehead said Guinness and parts of me were colored in green.
they took some pictures and i starred in some, here's hoping to find where they uploaded them.

a friend of mine brought his camera also so i should have some pictures by the weekend, i'll upload and post when i do.

around 11:30 we skipped over to the next pub - Amish in Rishon, another close to home pub, but it was jam packed so we stood and drank some - Murphy's because they don't serve Guinness.

from there we went home at like 12:50 or something, people had to work today... i did too, but called in sick - right now i'm recovering from the alcohol, i might come in for half a day but who knows...
that's it for today, will update later this week though :D

Saturday, March 10, 2007

weekly update - with your host...

yeah well i think it's time to fill you in on some stuff:

Just finished watching an episode of Clarissa Explains it all. I haven't seen that show since i returned from the states... back when Melissa Joan Hart was just a teen child-star, i used to love that show... ah well there were some great shows when i was growing up... nothing like the things that air nowadays...

I've been feeling depressed for a while now. about 2 weeks ago i woke up, and something was missing... i don't know what, and it's depressing me, i feel disconnected, like I'm missing out on something that i once had, but i can't put my finger on it. There have been a lot of changes in my small world, to many to count, times like this i cherish my solid rocks of the universe.

I finished the new Sam & Max Episodes - it was one of the best buys i did last year :D
Steve Purcell is a genius and Telltale Games did a great job reanimating them :).

Life is good when all you worry about is how hot your tea is, and what's on the tube tonight(steaming cup of tea with lemon, honey and mint leaves and "The Man who Sued God" :p) but alas i have other things on my mind...

on a sad note - Nyuki's Right Upper Fang broke, she has a broken tooth - I'm not that worried - it's a baby tooth and it will fall and be replaced.

here's to a full packed week filled with happy tones(there's this thing this weekend, some friend is having a birthday feast :D).

Friday, March 09, 2007

Some might not get this...

I made a Sam and Max Comic :D
well i didn't make it exactly - i chose the drawings for the panels and wrote the text
but i think it turned out good...
vote for me :D

in other news - Weekend is here, i'm bored outta my skull... need to study too.
Thursday i had to do the whole officer thing... had to take charge of the guarding around my base for the night, it's so weird, i feel like i have to act as if i were someone else in order to do that.

oh well... Happy birthday Noa(I know, I know, it's a day late)!
More to come tomorrow..

Monday, March 05, 2007

And a Joyous Time Was had By All

Ahh... Purim:

The Croc Hunter, Always on my mind
(i was disguised as Steve Irwin, although the shirt was too Olive Green and my hair was too short, and the beard thing.. yes i didn't lose it yet)
there were some great costumes today:
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar
and some not so great:
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar
as usual - you can find the pictures here.

been listening a lot to Matisyahu, he's great... i have rekindled my love for Reggae(sort of).
I Got a ticket today... for not stopping at a stop sign...
it was an ambush, with me 2 other people got tickets..
the city changed a Yield intersection to a Stop Sign Intersection... i didn't know about it, and failed to see the sign, so i yielded, but didn't come to a complete stop, sucks for me, 50$ less. oh well.
i'm tired boss, dead tired. have a good one!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

a few beers later...

this week has been interesting in an unexpected way...
my commander finished his term in office, and has taken a month vacation to be with his wife and newborn son.
things have changed in the office, a new commander and new staff, it brings change... we fear change...
the new person is someone i've known and worked with, yet not under.
to say farewell to the old commander the whole office was invited to a local irish pub, to drink, tell stories and have a great time altogether...
things were great, someone got real drunk so i had to take him to the base and took his motorcycle keys.
--- Golden Line: the guy was half drunk and tried to get the waitress's number - "if someone asked for your number and showed you his phone, then said look it's a doll of a pooh disguised as a koala, it's a bear disguised as a bear! would that be the cutest thing you've heard or the gayest thing?" to which she replied - "the gayest" and in a failed attempt to restore himself - "but what if he was cute?" needless to say she didn't him her number.
i did something i thought i'd never do in my life - i stole a cup from the pub, it was a 1/2 liter Kilkenny brew, and i really wanted it... so i took it.
back to work - the past week i had received some really bad attitude from a co-worker of mine... not on purpose, but still it was very insulting. i have a talk scheduled with him on Sunday.
on Thursday i went to a Purim party(i wanted to go dressed as a wizard but i couldnt find a hat :( ) i had a cape and a staff and a beard that i was allergic to :D.
Tamar's parties always end up good, it was great fun!

more can be found here.
on Monday there's the Purim Party at the base and i have a better costume(hint - it's dedicated to a great man that died)...
right now i'm watching Men in Tights, i love that movie! so take care and have fun :D