Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend's Over...

I really enjoyed myself this weekend...
i drove over 350 miles(560 kilometers), from north Israel to south Israel, for all sorts of reasons...

on Thursday, Ronen, a friend of mine had his birthday party up north at his house.
this is Ronen:
It's Ronen!
it was a really great party, i met up with old friends and had a blast, i also got complimented three times on my massage skills(taking a massage course pays off :p ), all in all i had a blast.
here are some other pics:
More People!
the rest can be found here.

Friday was interesting, a friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend for 4 years, and she said yes! he's getting married near September :D

Saturday, i drove 75 miles(120 kilometers) for a date with this girl i know.
the date itself didn't feel like a date, which was weird, i felt good with this girl, but i sensed that she wasn't in a date mood(it was like we were just friends hanging out, and at the same time not just friends) and nothing happened, i don't know yet, I'll ask her out again i think, we'll see...
that's it, i know it's a quicky, but i'm tired and i need some sleep, you all have a great time, i'll post more information this coming week, i believe.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Internet Personality Quiz?

Your Personality Is Like Acid

A bit wacky, you're very difficult to predict.
One moment you're in your own little happy universe...
And the next, you're on a bad trip to your own personal hell!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Need a New Calendar?

I did and while looking for some i found some very cool ones, Origami Wise...
the first one is a star diagram, it's nice and not to hard to create only downside is that it's weeks start on monday...
Star side A
Star side B
you can find it here.
(it took me about an hour to do this one, but that's mainly because i watched tv while folding... it should be pretty easy)
the second i like more, because it's very configurable and it looks great:
it's a 12 sided box with a month on each side, it comes in a lot of languages and most importantly, you can choose if you want the week to begin on sunday or monday and choose the year you want.
rhombic dodecahedron
rhombic dodecahedron

you can find it here.
(it's the second model, the first model is great too, only it's cut and paste and not actual origami)
I also cleaned my car today, it looks brand used :D

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Week in Review...

This past week was quite interesting...

I've given serious thought to starting University this year, it's not that i dont want to, because frankly, i'd give my sleeping hours to start studying, but i'd be very naive if i thought it would be that easy, i work 12+ hours a day, and before i even start speaking of studying, there's the whole getting in part which requires me doing the Psychometic(named appropriately since you become a Psycho after it) test(think something like GMat).
so now i need to study hard before i start studying...
but i'm gonna do it, i'm signing up for the April test and unlike most of the people i know, i'm not even gonna take a course before, i'm just gonna do my best, on my own. i've recieved great support from my boss and even more from some of my friends.

on tuesday i went to Bahad 1(which is the military Officer's School) and watched the graduation ceremony(Congrats Alon!) i remember some odd 2 years ago, i was there, it was seriously one of the best eras of my military life. anyway, i see my old instructor(now chief instructor) and he says to me "i thought they kicked you out from the army already!" and proceeded to say how me staying in the army is my own fault :D it's funny how the person that once tried to instill the importance of the army in me, is now acting so differently(well he is leaving the army after 7 years of service). it made me think a bit about my service.

someone asked me why i keep signing more years of service, i once thought this was because i'm afraid to start my life, i'm afraid of the "real world", but it isnt so, i'm comfortable with the situation of my service, i get paid good money - granted i can make a whole lot more outside, and i have a very interesting job(plus unlimited flow of 18 year old girls -joking) as much as it pains people to hear me say this, i'm probably gonna sign more years, at least until i finish my Biology Degree.

2 of my soldiers, lets call them twiddledee and twiddledum(i really do call them that), really pissed me off thursday, and it really hurts me to do what i'm gonna do, but i'm gonna have to punish them, as much as i am against that, they've really stepped out of the borders, and when asked about that, they said they thought i wouldn't have a problem with it, so they didnt even consult me. This all derives from the fact that i try to shelter them from dealing with the beurocracy in a way that they don't have to deal with the shit that goes on, and can concentrate on working. my third soldier hinted that i should let them explain themselves to the higher ranks instead of always me having to do that, yet i know that when it reaches higher ranks it doesnt matter who explains it, it's still my fault for "not punishing them sooner". it's so damn stupid.

i went to visit a recovering friend, twice this week, in Haifa, she's been in and out of hospitals for the last 4 months and i worry about her, but she seemed great when i visited so i'm happy :D

wow, i didnt think it would turn out this long...
anyway, have a great weekend!
--- Bonus #1 ---
Movies i need to see:
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • Man of the Year
  • Children of Men
  • Babel
  • Night at the Museum

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quick Internet Quiz

that's soo me :D
Your 1996 Theme Song Is: Ironic by Alanis Morisette

It's like rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
It's the good advice that you just didn't take
Who would've thought ... it figures

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cant Sleep...

Dunno Why(well actually i do, i get insomniac sometimes)...
it's 2 am, gotta go to work at 6 am...
it's gonna be one of those days methinks.
if all goes accordingly tomorrow night me and some friends are going drinking.
anyway comic strip for yas:

burnt tongues + sour skittles dont mix, i learnt that the hard way :p

yesterday me and some friends went out to a coffee place, and i got to see some of one's true color - by denying that he owes me money, even though everyone(including his girlfriend) said he does, oh well, it's like 12 bux, so nothing huge, but still pisses me off.

today the whole family came over, it was quite fun :D
i also finished Sandman today, well almost - still have to read Endless Nights but as i heard it has nothing to do with the original 10 book storyline so i can say i finished Sandman. It was great, and now i have Endless nights + the Death Series to read.
all in all it has been a good weekend, so why oh why dont i have the power to continue the week?

i'mma gonna try counting sheep, g'night.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The One Where He Sums Things Up

i actually postponed writing this post, since by doing so, i'm admitting to myself that it's over, the trip is over and done with, back to my regular life.

this is dedicated to my Father, He is a great man...
i saw him one and a half years ago for the first time after 9 years(my parents divorced when i was 12, a little while after we returned from the us, and he returned to the us).
he was doing good at work, he had the american dream. i was with him for 3 weeks, then returned home.
i saw him after 7 months - a year ago, now he was right after the car accident that changed his life, he was in a gas station, walking to his car when another car hit him.
he was still a proud man, even though the injuries and the fact that he couldn't work, he didnt show the frustration...
i saw him once more a month ago, now still recovering from the accident, still having money problems, almost no work, yet still proud, he has some drivers working for him(using his limos), and the respect he gets from them, i could only wish for. i was with him in court, where his case is still being worked on, a year after the accident, without pay from insurance or the person who did it. even though the mistakes that the insurance did, even another delay in trial, he still didn't show frustration, he is still a proud man.
My last days in new york were quite fun, i rested mostly, didnt do much,
i went to the Blue Man Group's Show in Astor Place, it was amazing, literally, i feel stupid for not bringing my camera along but it had a blast. other than that i didnt feel like doing much... so i mostly wandered around in Queens...
so i went down to my old schools... and where i hung out...
p.s. 220:
P.S. 220
p.s. 175:
P.S. 175
j.h.s 157:
J.H.S. 157
108'th street, i used to spend hours walking here, shoplifting small inexpensive stuff(yes, i was a pre-teen delinquent :D)
108'th St
my old house(quality isnt that good) -
My House, In the Middle of the Street
yeah... it was fun to remember...
on the way back home from there i got myself in some trouble:
next to a Pizza hut joint, there were these clerks holding boxes, from what i understood, they gave you a box and you get a family size pizza for 5$ if you bring the boxt to the pizza hut... so i took a picture of one of those clerks, and the girl flipped... she threw the boxes in the air and ran at me demanding that i remove the picture... scared for my life i did as i was told.
a bonus from my way back home:
The Cock Florist

that was how i spent my last night there... the flight back home was really short - only 9 hours and change... i slept about 3 hours on the plane, which is an accomplishment of some sorts.

the plane itself was filled with Birthright(Taglit) Teenagers. it was funny to see them all, i talked to some of them, and they were actually half excited and half scared because of the situation here... i think i calmed them down a bit, but foriegn people do tend to get the wrong idea from the news... it's quite quiet here now :D

i guess that sums up the trip, i had a great time.
all the pictures are here.

i landed on monday, 6 am...
got my luggage, passed security... got into my car, with my mom, and drove home...
took a shower, got dressed and went to work. yeah, i didnt even sleep, just straight to the base... this week hasnt been kind to me, every day i had at least 2 staff meetings that took 2 hours each... that plus the fact that i had approx 1200 e-mails to read at work + 500 emails at home. i read them all, and worked as if i was never on vacation.
the jetlag nearly killed me, and i'm gonna fall asleep soon, so goodnight, let's hope tomorrow brings better days :D

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Went to the AMNH

No that isnt a jewish thing...
it's the American Museum of Natural History :D
Enter Night
The place is huge and amazing, 5 floors hosting 45 halls of amazing sights and sounds.
last time i was there i was in 3'rd or 4'th grade, still living in the states...
a long time ago :)
I spent the whole day there and still didnt go to every hall i wanted to go to.
i started with the Hayden Sphere which is a huge 2 story visual theatre showing the big bang theory on the bottom half and a planetarium show on the top(costs more, so i didnt see it :P)
the big bang movie was fun, it's a preview of the path you go on after you exit the room, and is highly recommended.
circling the Hayden Sphere is all sorts of comparisons to it like:

from there i made my way up to the dinosaur halls, filled with skeletons and what nots:

including something that looks like it came from an anime:

and a chase abrupt before the results:

i continued twards the african wildlife which had some great stuffed animal displays
and was reminded of a scene from friends :D

where are ross and rachel?
and from there i went to the Asian History - and saw something that made me laugh uncontrollably:
Jews in Asia - a blank Wall?
and of course the Peking Man:

from there i went to see the Mexican Sights, which are amazing:

from there, a quick glimpse at evolution:

and on to the underwater sights:

including the bane of my existence - the dreaded jellyfish, my mortal enemy:

and a slice of a Sequoia:

all in all it was a great day, and for 14 dollars, pretty cheap...
i might go in again before the trip is through just to see the rest of the places :D
have a great night/morning :P
as usual, the new pics are here.

Monday, January 01, 2007


that's all she told me...

went out last night with my friends to the city, after we first drank some piss, erm, budweiser at their place -
suiting up for the night
we tried going to times square dispite my warning, but they soon realized that they couldnt even enter the area around it... we went down to the village in downtown manhattan and started searching for a pub/party... we saw some interesting stuff. mostly 80 dollar entrance and free booze till 2 am.
but it was pricy :\
we ended up going to a place called "Slane Public House"
very nice atmosphere, lots of people, expensive drinks - 7$ beers(which i almost never paid for :D)
i drank 7 beers, about 3 whiskey shots, 2 tequillas and one spiked jello(and that's the only thing i paid for, the rest were bought by friends).
it was fun, extremely fun.

then at 11:40 this girl starts grinding on me, i play along... we dance, she toys with me as she goes over to some other guys, including my friends, till she returns back to me... and then at midnight, we kissed:
the girl from boston

a strangers tongue in your mouth, i'd be lying if i said i didnt enjoy it.
all she said to me is that she was from boston, i don't know her name or anything about her.
it was fun, people were acting all happy, i stepped outside, and grabbed a shishkebab from a stand next to the pub, cost me 5 dollars for a mere pita, but it was in place... in the spur of the moment i went to a tattoo place across the pub with my friends, i wanted to get a pac-man tattoo across my arm... but the price was too much - 300$, i guess they jack their prices so drunk people will have to actually think twice before doing something stupid :D
anyway, that's it for me, have a good day/night/something, i dunno, just woke up..
as usuall, the new pics are here.