Saturday, December 29, 2007

it's been a long time...

but before i update - here's the tattoo - finally uploaded it :)

so umm... yeah.
as i said, a friend of mine joined my trip, and i've been going places with him, it's nice although it's not my cup of tea, i like to take things slow and mellow out, while he wants to accomplish everything as soon as possible, so come days like today, when he went out to see some museums and i just stayed at home, resting, sleeping more, my style of vacationing.
i'm more of a lie on the beach, in the shade(cause i burn easily) all day, and just mellow out to the sound of the ocean.

anyway so we did accomplish a lot during this past week -
* Bodies...The Exhibition - That was a real mind blower - not for the weak(nothing brutal just real bodies displayed), it shows you exactly what your body is made of, bones, veins, arteries, skin, organs... the works. it's really a great way to get to know your own amazing body :D
* American Museum of Natural History - one of my favorite places, the place is huge!!!! plus we went to 2 exhibitions there - H2O & Mythical Creatures. it was fun, at least for me :) i just enjoy viewing the displays + the mythical creatures was really cool.
* Madame Tussauds - my second time there, it's still nice, they had some new things(mainly they added a goatee to Sam Jackson :)) but it's the same wax museum :)
* Ripley's Believe it Or Not... - some fun to be had there, it's interesting, fake mostly... but somethings are nice there, i preferred the Dean Caine TV Show :)
* Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - set inside a studio apartment, it's a real small display, but has a lot to offer, i spent an hour and a half in there, just reading about the history and evolution of comic and cartoon art :D.
and of course :
* Avenue Q - i love this show, it's the 4'th time i've seen it! this time however - it came especially good, i sat in the front row, right in the middle(well 2 seats from the middle, but you know...), i won 2 seats through the lottery they have(they raffle 12 front row seats for 21.50 each instead of 120+ dollars), they choose 6~7 names from the bag and those people win the tickets, and out of the 100 people there i was chosen 3'rd out of 6 :D. you know you've seen the show a lot once you start singing each song with the actors.

i've also met up with a few friends of mine, and while one meeting didn't go as good, the other was pretty good, i had fun, we had more to talk about, and overall i enjoyed the time spent.

anyway, that's my dry update... pictures will be uploaded when i return to israel.
i'll try to update more "meaty" stories when i have the muse for it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

for all we know, she could be holding the fate of the world...

my feet hurt... my will still strong, looking for that ever elusive trenchcoat... but i will find it.
Faith, as she calls herself, she's a woman, seems in her late 30's/early 40's, very nice, a bit too talkative...
she's here to save the war between England and the US... given a special item by the Gypsies, which she rather not show us, but instead carries it around wrapped in what seemed to be leather pants, with Ankhs on them... she told us that the government took her family jewels and sent her to the states... she said it all with confidence in her voice, and a sense of inner righteousness that makes you hope she's really on that quest...
i wonder if people go crazy by choice, do they just stop wanting the world to be as it is, and would rather deny the basic laws and fit in some of their own? i know i feel that way, seeing the world as it is today, saddens me most days, i sometimes have urges to do something unconventional, break the rules of society, live in fantasy a bit... is that wrong? to go outside of the conventional borders, into uncharted territory? maybe, just maybe that territory is too vast and to wonderful to ever succeed in finding ones way back. maybe the truth, the real wonders of this world lie there, and maybe, the crazy people have it right... well just maybe.
all this from a 10 minutes conversation, with a woman who undoubtedly a bit touched in the head, in a starshmucks coffee place(yea, i do hate the chain - i'm sorry but a Tall frappachinno? what the hell is that? ice coffee, that's what!).

i bought a Jack Skellington Figurine, complete with 12 changing heads :)
jack stands tall at about 40 c"ms and i found him fitting to my collection.
it's been a good day.

on a sadder note - i miss Tal, and these 40+ minute conversations are'nt helping me at all...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Who Needs Protection?

it's a small world... really small, tiny insiginficant and weird.
i was at the Queens Mall today, buying some stuff, you know, enjoying the town life.
i was stopped by not 1, not 3, but 6 israelis who sell stuff(dead sea and other spa merchendise/clothing/jewelry), every time - talking to me in english, then me asking are you from israel, in hebrew, then them naturally answering the question in english, and after that realizing that i speak hebrew and asking what i'm doing here.
but that's not the issue, i like that i'm surrounded by jews.

some girl named Dorit came to me to sell me some crap(so called star rocks) i did the routine with her, and then she asked where i serve/served in the army... now here comes the weird part:
a) 2 girls who work with her(twin sisters) were at my base during my time and know me from the army mail.
b) Dorit's friend works at my base and i know him.

what's fun about people knowing you is that i saw something nice from their cart and i wanted to buy it - so they gave me it for 5$ instead of 30 :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

lack of updates

it's strange, the more changes that happened to me, the less i had the strength to write about them. but sitting here, in the U.S.(finally) recovering from a case of very mild jetlag(went to sleep at 10, woke up at 5,7,8) i find that there's time to share some stuff with you.
i won't be posting pictures, well at least not now...

so where to start...
my tattoo is healing nicely, i wanted to post a picture of it asap but it has all these marks on it, as the skin peels off, so i will wait a week because it's gonna look better.

Julia... she came over last tuesday and we had a fun day, it included going to a themepark(superland in israel) and eating out(including going to Max Brenner). when the day was through i talked to her, explained that i had used to have feelings for her, but the more we grew as friends the more i was scared to act on them, not wanting to ruin our friendship, and that i had made up my mind and chose her as a friend only, she was real happy to hear that, and said taht she prefered me as a friend as well which was taken good(meaning i didn't see it as a rejection or something). that's one of my problems solved :)

in a weird state of things - one of my friends decided to join me here, and so tomorrow night i'm picking him up and we're gonna be traveling for the next 2 weeks together, it's nice although him staying at my dad's house will be kind of weird, even though my dad is okay with it. i'm hoping Eva(my fathers wife) will be okay with it too... we're probably gonna go to Orlando and see some themeparks while there.

the flight here was good, i was put in the very last row of the plane, near the window, which was awesome because there was only one other chair that blocked the way to the isle, so i was practically free :) they also aired Stardust and Ratatouille. and as always the food was good(am i the only one that likes airplane food?).

now i need to find me a long coat here.

so that's that for me now... more news to post when i have them.

Friday, December 14, 2007

just a sneak preview...

yes, that is permanent ink on me :)
more news to come...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm an Idiot.

Had a car incident.
not an accident, just sheer stupidity.
it was raining, took a turn too fast, and swiveled.
luckily for me it reacted correctly and the only thing i hit was the front bumper on the railing(after my car did a 180).
the plastic cover of the lights came off in one piece and i'm gonna probably glue it back on.
i was real lucky, and it's nothing i'm gonna do/try/want to experience ever again.
i usually pride myself with the fact that i can drive, but today, my pride received a massive blow.

regarding the tattoo - i'm gonna go to the parlor next week and get it done, right before my flight to the u.s.
Tal drew the Tattoo again, this time bigger and in color:

that's all for tonight.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

of drawings, tattoos and new people

it's weird to meet someone for the first time, and just click, it's just weird.
but I've met a girl, no she isn't going to be my girlfriend.
she has herself a man already, and has had so for the past 3 years. but still, we just get along great, we're both damaged in our own sweet way... we mew.

I've known her for barely a week, yet I find it easy to talk to her, she slept here last night and we just spent time together either talking or mewing or just sitting there and laughing till 3 am. then we went to sleep together, my arm around her(because she asked me to).

I've been wanting to get a tattoo for 4 years already, and I've known exactly what I wanted since the beginning:
it's a Moomba from Final Fantasy 8, this is the concept art
and i've thought of 2 places to put it, either the traditional (right or left) triceps area or the part neck, part back, part shoulder, part ribs area(which would make it full sized and not shrunken). so she drew it on me, just so i could get a better feel on how it would look:

(yeah - my arm is a bit hairy :( )
she only did the outline last time, but next week she'll do the full color drawing.
so i've decided to do the triceps area, because it looks good, and it's less skin to take off before burying me when i die(Jewish burying tradition - think of it like if someone lends you a new car and you put a sticker on it - you're gonna have to remove that sticker before returning the car to him, no?)

she also made me remember how i liked to draw and sculpt and that i should really return to that :)

on a sadder note - I've been informed today that my team will be closed by the end of the first quarter of next year, which means that i'm gonna be thrown to a crappy team for the last 6 months of my service, which sucks, but is a story for a whole other post.
but other than that things are definitely going good for me :)
oh and only 19 more days till i'm in the states! yay!

Monday, November 19, 2007

ahhh... memories :)

just spent the last hour or so flipping through my digital photo album and printing some pictures.
i've had some good times this past year :) here's hoping for a better one(or at least the same :))

Saturday, November 17, 2007

One Month to go...

yep, today's the 17'th - that means that in a month, i'll be on the plane to the US. finally... i need this vacation :)
this also means that soon i'm gonna stop working :) i gotta start passing on my knowledge else they'll have a hard time while i'm in on vacation...

i've visited Nyuki today, she's just the cutest as can be :)

it's reassuring to see that she's doing good :) i've really missed her, and a month without her has had it's toll on me.

i've promised pictures from the Dig last week and here they are -
this is my pickaxe, after i was done with it :)

this was taken from inside the prison that we dug in:

this was from a different window:

this was a sticker on a wall in Jaffa and i kinda liked it:

and this was just a cool boat i saw in the docks:

there are pictures of me somewhere so i'll post them as soon as i get them :)

on a final note - my brother has started collecting my photos, he's gonna start showing them around and maybe gonna publish some... i've found this very amusing :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What i learnt today...

a) Giving me a pickaxe isn't the most cleverest idea.
b) Giving me a 10 pound hammer isn't either.
c) disregarding previous points - putting me next to a wall and telling me to destroy it - good idea :)
d) archeology can be a lot of fun, if you're in it for the wanton destruction.
e) hummus poisoning is not a lot of fun.

pictures will be up as soon as i have time.

Monday, November 12, 2007

in a world where a movie costs 9 dollars.

now i'm not sure how much it costs in the states, but here it's around 9 dollars for a movie going experience.
now why do i mention it? simply because today, i ordered Sam and Max Season 2.
** erm... what? how is that connected to anything??? **
well it's pretty simple, in my own mind:
the season costs about 35 dollars, which is a pretty solid price. now i got the first chapter and played it, and it amused me as heck for around 3 hours(a short but very humorist game). it comes down to a chapter costing 7 dollars, and giving me roughly the same entertainment as a movie does.
what does it all mean? get Sam & Max, it's a great game, worth the few dollars(Season 1 was great, except the first 2 chapters) oh, and if you don't believe me - play the 4'th chapter for free!

after getting that out of my system...
i've had a very fun weekend, there was a house warming for 2 friends of mine, it was pretty good, lots of people whom i've never seen before, but other than that, pretty decent... they had sushi, which i don't usually eat, seeing as i don't eat fish and stuff... but they had a platter of Vegetarian sushi, and it was surprisingly good :) there were also some strange, strange, strange pictures:

(none of these were edited, all are 100% originals :|)
the rest of the madness can be found here:
Gabel and Ilya's housewarming

on saturday i spent the whole day in haifa, and it was great, i hung out with good friends and had a long talk with Alina, whom i've missed a lot since her releasement.
and i've made up plans on what to do for my releasement, but that's for another post :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Home Grown...

**Note - this is just some late night random babble...

I do believe in Karma, i do good things to others, never wanting anything in return, well not usually :) i usually cant say no to people when i know they're genuinely asking for help with something, despite knowing that I'm being used for exactly because of that. I'm mostly nice to people i know, and am usually an asshole when it comes to strangers(and sometimes friends) - working on that :) why am i saying this? because i can't understand how most people, and don't give the story about every person wanting to be good, but certain things are forcing him to do x and y... i can't understand how someone else can't be considerate to others, and i'm not talking about big stuff, i like to use the parking example, in my building there are 8 apartments and about 10 parking spaces... somehow the same asshole keeps blocking 3 parking spots with his car(not to mention the passage, making my and other tenants' life a wee bit more harder on the reverse side). i confronted him and he stopped parking there, for 2 days... then he returned, will confront him again.
another thing that really irritates me is that people have gotten used to having to bargain to get someone to help them, i hate the "you scratch my back i'll scratch yours" world... why can't people just help people for the sake of helping? it's not hard, and you do feel better about yourself. anyway this rant is starting to repeat itself, so lets play random topics:
my movie list - the 5 movies i wanted to see since the beginning of the year? well i saw 4 out of 5 movies in 2 weeks after a long 10 months of nothing - i'd call that an accomplishment! Pan's Labyrinth was amazing, structureless as it may be, i liked it. I also saw The Pick of Destiny today, which like putting your brain on hold for an hour or so, not good nor bad, just a way to pass time.
the high price of mock ink - i bought some fake ink cartridges for my printer about 2 months ago - they recently blew up(i shit you not - the printer was covered in ink) and i had to clean the whole compartment, luckily it didn't damage any critical part and after cleaning and buying the originals the printer was as good as new...but it did get me thinking - i saved about 25 dollars on ink by buying fakes, but in the end the fake ink did less prints than the originals and it took me almost a whole day to fix the mess(and i still have ink stains on my hands and floor).
next time i'm sticking to originals.
Home Grown... and twice as tasty - i've started to grow some of my own vegetables. I have Chives, Mints, Lemon Grass, Onions and Basil. it took a few months but finally i can start adding them into food i make, and i have to say, it does taste better when it's home grown... i'm gonna start a tomato plant in a month and after that - cucumbers :) i've always had this green thumb(its green now because of the ink, but think metaphorically) and finally i have a chance to grow stuff, it's wonderful :)

well i'm happy to get this off my mind, now i can probably sleep better :) night all

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween, Beer, Lasers and Me :)

Halloween was awesome :)
sure it isn't a Jewish holiday, but that doesn't mean that our Irish bars won't celebrate it :)
so after working till 8:50 pm, i got ready, got into my car, and picked up some girls for the pub:

(Idit, Racheli and Noga)
And we went to the pub :) The Temple Bar, one of my favorite pubs in Israel :)

So we got there - about 10 people or so, and more people kept on flowing in... i think it was the first time my army friends met my home friends... it went pretty good :) we had lots of fun, people got real happy and all in all the night was great :)

anyway - more pictures can be found here :
HalloweeNESS 2007

they had some party favors, namely a Glass and horns:

and i got myself a Glass(well, i haggled one out of Aviv, who won it by getting himself shocked).
for those not familiar with my glass collection:

i had a great time :)

this past week was pretty good, it went by so fast, i really think i'm doing better... it's funny actually, giving up on trying to find something, just letting go - flowing with the current, i'm currently just living day by day. i've also caught up with the list, and saw Man of the Year on sunday... i'm also gonna see Pan's Labyrinth tomorrow. i also got this wicked Sky laser(a green point laser able to reach about 5 km distance, it's great for pointing to stars and just playing with in general :)). oh and a recommendation! Reaper is a great TV Show, Ray Wise Does a great Devil.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So... Ummm, Yeah.

This weekend has been a real eye opener for me...
i'm gonna stop waiting for things to happen and become more assertive about these things. I'm also gonna try to stop worrying about stupid things. i've really been efficient this weekend - i enlisted for a Course for my next Psycho's, and this time i'll do it proper. i've also played a lot of basketball, which is great, i pushed myself farther than i usually could(i played 8 games straight today :))so i'm happy... i also went to see Nyuki at my sister's house, and was relieved to see that she's doing great, she has good friends now, and she's playing a lot. my sister's been taking good care of her, and i'm feeling better about her taking care of my little doggy :) ooh and this week Halloween's coming up - And with it comes HalloweeNESS(a Guinness event) which means beer, costumes and presents! so that's gonna be good.

i think i'm snapping out of my depression, lets hope this good feeling lasts :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not Lost in Translation.

If you aren't familiar with Avenue Q then Shame on You!
I won't go into the play itself, but you have to see it, wherever you are...
what i will say is this:
after seeing the Hebrew Version i have to say that even though they changed 2 characters, and totally translated the songs, keeping the original music, they did a brilliant job in bringing an American show to the Israeli audience.
the show was perfect(even though there were technical problems in the beginning) the actors were amazing, Michal Yannai took on a very big role, and did so with great skill and humor that had me laughing a lot.
After seeing Avenue Q on Broadway and in Israel, i have to say that both versions, al be it different, Are great!
if you're in Israel now(HINT HINT Hila!) go see it!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

well almost a year after....

on 19/01/2007(it was a Friday) i said that i must see the following movies:
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • Man of the Year
  • Children of Men
  • Babel
  • Night at the Museum

i ain't keeping up with myself.
but i did see Children of Men today, it's a great movie, very post apocalyptic, great camera work(realistic as heck) and Clive Owen did a great job. i seriously recommend it.

how am i? i'm a wreck.

Certain Things you come to expect...

I just arrived home, after a long day... half expecting to be jumped by a cute, 10 month old dog... however, i came home and no dog greeted me... for this morning i was forced to take Nyuki to my sisters house - my mom doesn't want her in the house anymore.
so now she's with my sister, and some habits that i've gotten used to are gone...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

this time it's final...

after i return home from the states, i'm moving out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Start Spreading the News!

I've bought my ticket today -
I'll be all over the states(starting in New York of course!)
so mark your calenders and get ready for a call from me :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

only one thing to show :)

taken from the Nightwish video i posted:
this is from now -
Honors for This Video:
#13 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music
#84 - Top Rated (Today) - Music

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Wish i had an Angel

Oh what a show :)
Nightwish had an awesome show with some great songs, and even though Anette couldn't come close to Tarja she was still amazing...

i even caught her in some funny poses:

the rest can be found here:
From Nightwish in ...

the holidays messed me up, i have even less will to work now :|
especially after today - i spent half the day carrying servers and installing them, and that isn't even in my job description. on the plus side, i have something planned for each week until the end of the month(party this Thursday, beer next week, Avenue Q translated in 2 weeks :D )
Ohh and i finally made good use of my YouTube Account, go ahead, take a look!
have a great night, y'all.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

What a holiday :)

Mostly Restful, Lots of things done :)
I saw the Closed Mossad, which turned out to be as funny as people told me it would be. i even got a chance to play some basketball(twice even :)) which is always awesome.
Wednesday i went to see The Puppet Folk Revival show, and it was awesome - i think that everything that could've gone wrong in the show did - it started with the stagehands not dimming the lights/playing the videos when they should have, then the guitar's battery died out, then main puppet's arm became detached and finally the marionette's head went a bit too much to the left got stuck there. I really feel bad for them, because despite it all, they held a great performance, and i think they felt bad because everything went down wrong...
i took 2 full length videos(the second one has the marionette's problems and you can see that the puppet's arm is outside the shirt):

after that I stayed for Hipoptam's First Congress which kinda felt cheap to me - it had about 30 minutes of film from their site, almost all of the on stage was a remake of the opening show(with some of the words changed), the only new stuff was a documentary about the cast that was filmed in 2000, some lost videos and a sketch that they forgot half the lines to(which was funny) - also almost all the questions asked were replied with - we'll see. but all in all it was funny so it was good.
i got home at 3 am, after dropping off a couple of friends, and fell to sleep - woke up thursday at around 12, and was in a crystal daze :) i got up, got clothed and went down with Nyuki for her daily routine... suddenly i remembered that i had to drive to Haifa(i promised some friends that i would) so i quickly returned home, ate some quick lunch and drove to Haifa(a 2 hour drive). a highlight of the drive there - the speed limit is 100kmph, i was doing 120kmph, suddenly this cop was on my tail and pointed me to go to the right lane(i was on the left), i kinda/sorta ignored him and he just went to the right, passed me and started driving at about 150(he zoomed past me so fast, that's what i think he was doing).
I spent the day with Julia, and she showed me pictures of her trip to Canada/wedding of her cousin. it was pretty fun at her place, and in the end she cooked me dinner, we ate and i left...
I met up with Alina afterwards, and we went for a walk around the town, she showed me some nice spots near Lewis' promenade. we sat and talked for hours there, and it was very relaxing, i almost didn't want to return home. one of the nicer places we saw was above the Bahá'í World Centre
i took some pictures from there:

(haifa over the Bahá'í Gardens)

(Haifa at night)

(The Bahá'í Gardens entrance)
I had great time, and at around 1:20 i started my way back home, tired as can be.
lemme tell you the secret for a safe drive when you're tired - Chocolate bar with Pop rock Candy in it... you take a cube every 10 minutes or so - it keeps you alert for the whole trip :)
i got home at 3~3:30 and crashed... yesterday was pretty uneventful. and tonight, tonight i'm gonna go see Nightwish :)
have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

God Dammit, Leeroy!

oh god, this is so fucking funny.
for those who are too lazy, don't be, click on the link, and if you don't get the joke look at this video.
trust me, it's worth it...

regarding facebook - it's nice, can't see the addiction factor yet... got 42 friends which is decent :)
tomorrow Puppet folk Revival! w0000t!

night night

Monday, October 01, 2007

well it might not be of my own will but it's done....

Someone, and i'm not going to name names, E., has opened a Facebook account in my name, and changed the email to my email.
so now i'm stuck with a facebook account, and i've decided to keep it...

in other news - i've got the tickets to Puppet Folk Revival and to The Closed Mossad, which is an israeli satire movie made by the guys from Hipopotam :)

that's all. E - i hate you!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

ICon Festival 2007. You will never find a more nerdy hive of Geeks and Roleplayers.

Actually the opening ceremony was pretty nice, Hipopotam(a group of radio broadcasters/parody/nonsense dealers) did the sketches, and were quite good. the Guest this year is Carol Berg, whom I've never heard about before, but some say she's good(a math teacher and computer engineer?). all in all it looks like it's gonna be a good Festival.

one thing that i did see - a few months back, i was at my brothers place on Saturday, i was walking down the street and i saw this group of 3 people with puppets, singing old American folk songs, it was nice, but i forgot about it... apparently they are a group called "Puppet Folk Revival". they are really good and you should see their performance of For What it's Worth. anyway they have a show in ICon this Wednesday and i'm gonna go watch it. should be good, and for 7 dollars it's not a bad price...

I met with Noa, i've missed her a lot and am happy she's back :) + i love the shirt she got me :)
other than that i've met some people that i've missed as well - namely Hila, Chai and a few others, as well as some people that i could care less about, namely N.

on the plus side, i've finally hooked up the surround speakers in my room, finally music sounds good.

night night :)

Yesterday, well it was weird...

a few things first -
* passion fruit + wild berry ice cream is awesome.
* the correct answer for "how are you doing?" should never be "i wanna stab your colon".
* no matter how hard you try/mark/test/re-mark/simulate or practice - a shelf will always be crooked.
with that said - let me tell you something about me and Russian food... we don't mix too well.
last night my uncle invited the family for dinner at this Russian/Romanian restaurant for my grandfather's birthday. it was a dinner and a show kind of thing. firstly - most of the plates were with pork or a combination of meat and cheeses or fish(with an exception to one of the only things i could eat - a salad consisting of pineapple and apples).
for those who don't know - i don't eat anything that comes from the sea/mushrooms/eggplants, and i eat only kosher food.
so i sat there, as almost everyone ate - with an empty plate... the only things i could eat over there were a big old plate of grapes, the pineapple/apple thingie, green green salads and a Romanian dish named Mămăligă.
we also had a main dish, but i was in a hurry and had to leave before they served it(who serves a main dish at 11:30???). The show part of the evening started quite hilarious - 2 Russian girls, in a what can only be described as some sort of aquatic costume, dancing, that is to say moving to the rhythm of, Era's Ameno. from there it continued to a Russian band playing Sting's Englishman in New York to a pretty nice violin tune. from there it took a turn for the worse, at some point there was an authentic Slav dance which was nice and that's where i left, hungry and feeling bad(i ate a lot of grapes, a LOT).
I went to see Shoot 'em up with some friends, and i have to say, this movie, with an excuse of a plot really was fucking hilarious, the actors were great(both Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti were great, and Monica Bellucci was terrific as always). it's like someone took all the great ideas for brain dead action movies, put them all in one movie and used a very loose plot to hold it all in. i liked it, a lot :).

today i finally made a list of threadless shirts i want to buy next time there's a sale.
here they are:
Treasure Map, Teddy Band, The Sound of Silents, Emo Bear.
and tonight i'm going to Icon(a Sci-Fi convention of sorts here in Israel, it's pretty good, lots of freaks to laugh at :) also Neil Gaiman was there last year). I'm going to finally see Noa again, and maybe, if there are any tickets, see Stardust :)

well that's all i have to say for now... i wish i was abroad, but i'm not doing too bad here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Sukot!

yep, another Hebrew holiday, another few days off, i like it :)
workwise - i'm so behind on my job, i guess i don't care anymore, my commander, he's a dope, his attitude towards the army is so anal, it makes me sick most of the time, and his commander(who used to be my commander, not so long ago) he's trying to convince me to stay some more years in service... meanwhile i did my calculations, and i have a year left at the army, out of that year, i have 3 months of vacation, that leaves 9 months... take out the holidays and the weekends and i'm left with about 180 days that i have to be in the base. that aint so bad... and i'm not gonna sign on more years.

tuesday i felt like my ears were being raped when Kuperstein forced me to listen to a cover of Jamiroquai's "Cosmic Girl" performed in Hebrew(!) by a third rate Mediterranean signer. the experience itself left my ears still in pain.

all of a sudden everyone has a facebook, i don't know why people are so in to that, but it's driving me crazy, i'm getting too many people telling me that i should open an account, could someone please explain this phenomenon to me?

oh and today me and some friends went to play pool, like we usually do... but tonight something illogical happened - i accidentally got a ball to bounce from the table, into the garbage hole of a combined garbage and ash tray that looks like this:

(the gray area being the garbage hole and the yellow area being the removable ash tray)
that in itself is pretty nice, but the truly amazing part was that the ball flew out of the ash tray part. we were all looking at that and just started laughing uncontrollably, it was simply unbelievable, the weirdest thing is that nothing could have caused it to fly out from above, the only explanation is that the ball's speed caused it to climb up when it hit the back wall of the garbage container.

tomorrow is a fun filled day full of drilling in walls(i have to install my shelves + a night light for my mom + the 3 surround speakers in my room + a curtain in my sister's home + a towel rack in my sister's home), celebrating my grandfather's birthday(at a restaurant) and going to see Shoot 'Em Up.
oh and by the way - Breaking Benjamin, great band :D

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It was Inevitable...

I found out something about myself... something disturbing...
i find happiness in other's sadness, it's not that i feel better because they don't, it's more like, arg, i'm sitting here for 15 minutes trying to explain this to myself, without success... yet, i know this - i'm not happy out of another's misfortune, i'm happy that someone is sharing thier misfortune with me...
if that even made sense... i dunno anymore...

the Yom Kippur Fast went by rather smoothly... i slept a whole bunch and finally finished reading The Gaiman Death Series, they are really great, really :)

oh well tomorrow's back to work... have a good one

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Avast Me Harties!

(this mail was written on 19/9 and posted later as a result of a server error)
For today be special... not for me, nay cap'n, but for all pirates alike, Yarr!
today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
those who be not familiar should view this:

today also be the Saucy Wench Juliet's Birthday, Harrr....

i suddenly have fits of rage, like today for instance - i got so pissed off at my fan that i accidently broke it... it's all fixed now :|
i might be taking a long weekend abroad...
i can't stand being here any more, i need a vacation so me and some buddies are planning a trip either to Turkey, Greece or Cyprus next weekend for 5 days.
Arrr, I gonna be plundering some booty, Yarrr!

have a good one!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't feel that hot....

have this sudden depression... no apparent reason. just depressed... started to feel depressed as soon as i got closer to the base. also had no will to work today, just stared at the screen for hours...

in other news, i've been wanting to post this image for a while now, and today seems fitting:

in other other news -
Maria, a friend of mine from Greece(met her when i went to see Pearl Jam) sent me a great Internet radio link, it's a Greek station, with barely any commecials, and it plays great music from the 80's 90's and good 2000's, most of the time("The Killers - Mr. Brightside" is on right now)...
you can find it here(just click on the listen now at the top left, no need to understand Greek).
what else - i "bought"(Kuper bought, i owe him the money) tickets for Nightwish on October 6'th... that's good news i think...

night people...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Rosh-Hashana!

Shana Tova!
for those playing the English version - it's the Jewish new year!

(for those who are paranoid, the Hebrew greeting is the same as the English one, almost :D)

last night's feast was great, we did things traditionally(my sister and her husband are quite religious so for them we did a very traditional Holiday)

Have a great year, filled with success, love, peace, good fortune and of course happiness!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beer, BBQ, Bachelor Party and Lord of the Flies...

This weekend was awesome...
Omer, a friend of mine, is getting married on the 17'th. so we threw him a Bachelor's Party of some sort... we went to the Kinneret(The Sea Of Galilee).
from the get go there were problems -
about 2 hours after we hit the road(3 cars) we were informed that someone forgot to buy the Pita bread(it's a must if you're having a BBQ). so every car started looking for any place that's still open(it was right before the sunset, on a friday - everything is closed)... we(and by we i mean the car that forgot to buy it in the first place...) found somewhere to buy the Pita, and then we realized another problem - the Grill wasn't in any car - we forgot it back home... so we(again, by we i mean the car with the idiots) found a place to buy a cheap Grill.
while they were busy replacing the forgotten goods, we decided to take some pictures along the way:
the view
the real view
the lake
we weren't that unlucky though - the entrance was about 25 dollars per car... but the person who collected the money was a schoolfriend of one of my friends so we entered for free :D.
we finally arrived and made camp:

we started goofing around, setting up the Grill, and of course - drinking :)

it was all good fun, we played some drinking games, had some good meat and got pissed drunk :)
in case you were wondering - this is the Groom to be:

Aviv - another friend of mine, and the closest to Omer, got so drunk that he drank anything... including this shot of Olive Oil:

which of course he spat out right after drinking, and then chased the guy in the picture and spilled a whole bottle of cola on him and himself :).
all in great fun, as i say :D

i stupidly brought a sleeping bag without checking it first(my sister assured me it was fine, she slept in it not long ago), and paid for it - the sleeping bag was like half my height (my sister is shorter than me, so i should have known). so i spent my night on the grass with the sleeping bag as my blanket and my backpack as the pillow, it wasn't that terrible really - the people with the tents died of heat - it was a sauna in there.
what else am i forgetting?
oh of course, the Flies.
around 6 am, i'm awakened by a friend of mine saying this line - "did you see that fly? it was fucking huge". after that exact sentence - hundreds of flies attacked the grass field, causing everyone that was there and not in tents to wake up, i'm talking hundreds of people waking up to the stampede of flies. it was so terrible that we ran to the water, just to escape the onslaught. then the sun finally went up and the flies retreated...
while packing up i took this picture :
it's a frog!
and of course - the group photo!

the rest of the pictures can be found right here:
From Omer's Bachel...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yet again i get screwed in pay. it's sickening...
so i started an Italian Strike. that's all i have to say about it.

i also saw that there are new people reading this blog, so i'd like to say hey :) how are ya?

my days now include like 1 hour on the computer, tops... i spend the rest either at work or on the road or helping my mother... so i don't even keep up with emails(seriously - i have like 20 unread mails that are personal).
i've started planning my trip to the u.s. - so far it includes n.y. and the area(boston, philly, n.j.) then i go up towards Canada, and from there either i go to Las Vegas(my aunt and uncle decided to get re-married there and i'm invited to the wedding) and after that to Florida, or straight to Florida. it's gonna be a big budget trip :) i've also called my father after about 3 weeks(i couldn't find the time :( ) he's finally reaching a settlement with the person who hit him and after that he'll get a settlement from Workers Comp.
Things are getting hectic towards the holiday here, and we've done a lot of the shopping today, i'm really excited - i miss our family dinners.

and to close this rather empty update i got to say that i've recaptured my love for A Capella after hearing Rockapella( :) ) again, they really are amazing

Thursday, August 30, 2007

alright - this is just amazing!

thank you Nati!

The Real Life Is Hard...

i can't put it better than that...
i got offered a service program today. 2 more years of service for a rank(pay upgrade) and $15,000 signing bonus. in all sense of the word - i need the money.
but i can't do it... i've had my fill of the army so far, it's been 6 years almost, and it isn't getting easier. i'm getting older, i need to set my life in track, especially if i want to become a vet. there are great advantages to staying in the army(where else will i get learning hours and 25 days of vacation(+2 no hassle sick days)). other than that - we talked about me signing a half year regardless- and i said that if i ain't gonna take the service program - i'm not signing the half year. he said something about the fact that they can force me to sign, and i said that if it comes to that - it won't be a pleasant period for the army.

in funner news - we're organizing a StreetWars game. for those who don't know or are too lazy to read - it's a massive multiplayer game where each person is an assassin and a target(of another person). the main concept is to assassinate your target(and take his target) using any water means you can think of(being precise as possible) and try to survive the others until you're the last man standing. it's really cool, me and 3 others are managing the whole game, i'm hoping it's gonna help lift my spirits.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ironic? well not Alanis'

Taken(without permission) from (Neurotically Yours) and (Contemplation REiKO):

if you still don't get it: The ASPCA right under the comic itself should be evidence enough :D