Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cause I'm Leaving, On a (Jet) Plane...

In 6 hour's time I'm gonna have to wake up and shower, and then get ready, and drive to the Airport, and wait, and GET ON MY FLIGHT TO ATHENS!!!!!!
Me and Kipi, a friend of mine are going to Athens to see Pearl-Jam, Live. Viva La Grunge!
I'm in a good mood, why? Couple'a Reasons:
* I got my laptop on time and now it's working like it should :)
* I Sold my iPod mini for almost half what it'll cost me to buy a new iPod Video 30G!
* My brother finally bought a car so now my Time shared Car is all mine!
* I finished packing!
* Did i mention? I'm fucking flying to Athens!
* Li-Or, another friend of mine, Passed her Driving Test today and she's a fully pledged New Driver!

that's about it!
anyway, I'll try to post here whenever I can

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Day After...

On Today's Menu -
* The Festivities
* The Pains Of Stuff.
* 5 Days Left
* The 4Th Wall

Chapter 1 - The Festivities...
Well Friday we had the traditional family dinner, Celebrating the New Year. We went to my sister's house and it was fun, My younger niece apparently ruined a very nice shirt and Jeans that I wore by spilling pomegranate seeds on me, not fun indeed. We had a great time, although my neck still hurt from the car accident. My sister has a portable hammock so I decided to relax on in a bit, or so I thought... my older brother (I'm talking 38 soon) wanted my spot, I Said no. he rocked the hammock a bit and the whole thing collapsed (later I saw that a screw wasn't screwed in tight enough and that caused my fall) and I fell with my back hitting a long pipe underneath... I can truly say that Pain was a very important player in my Holiday Weekend, which brings us to the next chapter
Chapter 2 - The Pains Of Stuff.
lets recap all the wonderful things that have happened to me this past weekend:
Thursday night i got hit by a car! yay, my neck hurts and my car is in the garage.
Friday night, my shirt and jeans(really good pair too!) were ruined by my niece and I was dropped onto a pipe by my brother, yay!
Saturday is a holy day, so nothing happened, because I was too lazy to go out(spent some time with friends but that's about it!)
but wait there's more!
Sunday, today, erm well technically yesterday in the morning I wake up to play basketball with a couple of friends, I make a move, run towards the basket, hit a friends leg, and fall onto the asphalt scraping right my upper arm and bruising my right hip, got all sorts of blue stains on my leg now... I hate that. it ruins my natural white skin :) My my my, this weekend went very fast, which brings me to the next chapter in this rather long post, methinks.
Chapter 3 - 5 Days Left
If all goes as planned, I'm Flying to Greece this weekend, Yessirie! 5 more days and I'm vacationing with Kipi(a friend from my job) to Athens, Greece to see a Live Performance of Pearl Jam! and then we have 4 more days to do whatever we want :) It's gonna be fun, and I will post pictures :)
Chapter 4 - The 4Th Wall
for those who don't know what the 4Th wall is, i suggest you read this page.
In short, the 4Th wall is a theatrical term which means the barrier between the stage and real life, Breaking that wall means involving the audience in the performance(an example is acknowledging that they(the audience) are there). Why did I mention it? because its interesting, just like saying something along the lines of "Hey, stop reading this line and read the next!".
I have to say one thing, cause I felt it was worth mentioning, one of the Greatest things that happened to me this weekend and probably is gonna sustain my good mood till the end of the week is an E-Mail I got from Korin, a good friend of mine, that brightened my day entirely, so Korin, I know you're reading this, Thank YOU!
well that's all for today, it's a long post, but I had a lot to say i guess. good night!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Rosh- Hashannah!

It's Here! Rosh Ha-Shannah!
A Brand New Year... Finally :)
Lets just get some stuff cleared from the passing year and we can continue onwards...
Well it's no mystery, my last post was about a girl, I even didn't hide it too well...
Yeah well it should be done and finished now, so I'm gonna just put her in my past and continue towards a better future.

Second thing I gotta say before this year is done is:
Drivers from Haifa annoy me to heck.
Last night I was driving over to a friends house for her Birthday Party, and got into an accident, because the driver(who is an elderly female, but let's not get into that) took a left from the other side of the road without looking if the other lanes were clear.
Even with a very powerful brake, I still couldn't Dodge her, and she was hit.
The funny thing is that her husband, started yelling at me and saying that I almost killed them... I told him that his wife is trying to kill him. :)

Alright! with those outta the way, have a great Year! Shannah Tova U'metuka C'Dvash - Happy New Year And May It Be Sweet as Honey!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Mood Called Off Cause of Self Centers...

I Was in an unbelievable Good mood on Sunday, Really, I Was! Truly.
yeah there's always a but here, Life can't let you be.
Someone, who I do regard as a friend, AL be it not a close friend, is so self centered and in his/her own little universe that s/he doesn't even realize how much s/he hurts others. S/He has problems of their own, and I can respect that, but that doesn't give him/her the right to treat people as though they don't matter.
I hate that.
You'd be surprised at how easily a few words here and no words later can hurt someone.

In other news... still no luck finding an apartment, we've been looking like crazy and there's not one to see, which just kinda sorta ticks me off.
I was supposed to go to the Museum of Science in Haifa today, with a couple of friends, but I just don't feel up to it.
Tomorrow I'm going to pick up the tickets for my flight to Athens, Yay!
that trip right now is one of the fewest things that i look forward to in the coming weeks, the other isn't certain yet so i don't wish to jinx it.
have a good week, hopefully twards friday things will clear up :P

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Faye Wong's Eyes On Me...

I Love this song.

But that's not why I'm writing this post...
I Just came back from playing pool, yeah, Poker and Pool, Who woulda guessed it?
I now feel like a mobster.
Life's good sometimes... :c)
So either I'm being set up for a very harsh time, or finally things are going my way...
it's 15 after midnight, and today has been a fun day.
i woke up late, after the poker game last night, and i finally finished reading Sandman Volume 4! It's great so far! Oh and Neil is Coming to ICON 2006 October, and I'm gonna try to get his autograph on my Sandmans :D
But I stray... So i wake up late, nothing to do, My Sister Drops by with her soon to be Husband, and they start jabbering away about the menu, and the place, and the music, and it's driving me nuts, but i smile, and nod.
Anyway, I had to install new lighting for the Kitchen, and I've never done that sort of thing before, (I have no knowledge in wiring and such) but none the less, i tried my skills and i got it installed perfectly! Hurray Me! mind you that I'm very Skillful with Building and Wiring, but I've never actually messed with house wiring (I did mostly engines), I also built a closet this week and fixed a toy for my niece.
All in all, it's been a good week, Next week is Rosh Ha-Shana(The Jewish New Year) and it's gonna be good, I'll be at My Sister's house(My other Sister, not the one who's getting married)
oh, you don't know my family yet, though I talk about them alot: There's Me and my older brother whos about 37, My sister who's 34 and my other sister who's 29. My older sister has 2 girls, who're 10 and 6. My nieces who I love a whole lot more than they know :D
Well that's about it for today, hope there are people that actually read this stuff, cause I'm taking the time to write it :D. Drop me a comment!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Playing Poker with the Joker and some UNO cards...

Just returned from a friend's house, we played poker, me and the guys...
It's kinda weird, cause I feel that once my Friday nights turn from Pubs and Parties to Poker nights, I'll turn old, and the fact that i'm only 23, is depressing...
oh well...
I got a cool sight for you right Here.
what is it? you know the Motivational posters? or the Despair ones? well this site allows you to create your own, and it's very easy! and for free too!
what else...
I'm hooked on Podcasts... recently I found Hope is Emo
it's extremely funny and should not be taken seriously :)
here's some more youtubes for the masses:

more to come tomorrow, now it's time for my nap :p~~~

Monday, September 11, 2006

Did I Mention I Hate Mondays?

Well it's true, almost nothing good comes on a Monday.
It's been 5 years since the Twins fell, and I'm not gonna talk about that.
What I will do is tell you a story from today(fresh out of my life):
The door lock in my room is broken, once closed the door can only be opened from the inside. Everyone in the house knows this, but today, someone closed my door... and guess what? I was locked out! this happened at like 2~3 pm and the door was finally broken(!) open by a lock smith around now, at 10:10 pm! 7 @!@#!$!$#!$!!!!! hours of pure lockage! no way to enter, no way to get any of my stuff from the room. i so wanted to run today and guess what? no way to get the sneakers or the pants out of the room!
anyway, I'm like dead tired boss... so I'll be going to sleep. now to prove that i ain't joking with the door, here's a picture of the broken handle:
Look Mah what i did!

Quick update - Did you notice the Layout changes? I did! MoFo Took me half an hour to do... but i finally tricked Blogger into using a picture as the Title!(if you need help with this just ask }:]) anyway Blogger Beta is cool, very easy to manipulate :P~~~

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Know I'm Late...

I've always had a problem with schedules so bear with me...
I Think it's time to tell you all a bit about me:
well, as of today I'm 23+, Male, if you didn't notice yet, From Israel
I'm a military Officer and My Job is Team Leader, for a team of Programmers.
Although my education so far has been with computers, I've done about 6 years, I don't want to continue with it, i like using computers, makes life a lot easier and much more entertaining, but as for working with them, i find that it's stressful, annoying and it tenses my nerves to a breaking point... the problem is, that I'm good at programming, and now i want to ditch it.
What i really want to do with my life is be a Vet. I love animals, all sorts and kinds, while growing up my family always had animals with us, it was my dad's thing... when my parents split we stopped having pets.
I Like Drawing, even though I suck at it, really suck at it...
I might do an online comic here, or get a friend to do one for me.
I Love Computer games, Puzzles and Quests mostly, I Mean C'mon You can't compare Half-Life to The Longest Journey or Doom3 to Day of the Tentacle,
I Also like building stuff, anything that needs assembly, I'm good with my hands, and i love watching plain material turn into something usable, i also have a great eye for mechanisms, guess it was all that Lego whilst growing up. I also do Origami :c)
I Love Music, Especially Rock(all types) and Hip-hop(Old-school).
Playing Basketball with friends
Ballet Lesson
watching anime(Yeah whats wrong with that?)
and sleeping, i love sleeping.
My Favourite animal is a Polar-Bear, it's just the best.
So that's about it for today, i think i gave a pretty damn big post today, should settle you people down for at least a week... i'll end with a Flash i guess:

Friday, September 08, 2006

Some Flash Files, A Never Ending Story and a Guy Named Mario...

Alright, so i'm trying out something new here, so Here it goes:

hopefully it'll work...
What's new? well i signed to try the Beta Part of this blog site, so now i have to create links to youtube in order to link them... it's a bit of a hassle but it's worth it...
Super Mario Real Life
i've just watched The Never Ending Story, such a good movie, i've seen it like a million times, and it's still that good.
tomorrow i'll have a serious post :c)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Hate People

Well i really do, i hate the fakeness around us...
The thing is, that we as a species started to be so concerned about what others see, and how others feel, and how we look through their eyes, that we've stopped living.
I think that's why I love animals, they are so pure, even at their peak of violent behavior, they are still pure, they act on feelings and instinct.
but I digress..
the real subject here was supposed to be Athens Here I come!
Yeah, i'm going to athens... at the end of the month pending tickets are still available... Me and a friend are going to see Pearl Jam, LIVE!

should be good :)
anyway, i think i need some sleep or else i die(literally, i'm dog tired)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Reaper Grim...

Topic? we don't need no Stinking Topics...
i've started listening to Penn Radio, Penn Jillette is a funny guy, I want to go on air, but the time difference is a a pain i guess... I'll try to get on tuesday, see if I can make it.
I suggest you subscribe to the podcasts.
what else, you probably wonder what i meant with the topic, i've been reading the ReaperMan by Terri Pratchett, Great Author and a great book!
I Think Pratchett's Death is by far the best personafication of Death that i've ever seen...
the second best is Neil Gaiman's Death in The Sandman.
oh well i'm a bit tired today, have a great week, just try not to die.

I almost forgot! i Met the cutest dog thursday night: